A Letter From Outside the Matriarchy

Webmaster's note: The Book of Pook is a great book and a life changing read for many (including myself) but it is out of date with modern times.

It was written long before hookups, online dating, or even texting were a thing.

I highly recommend checking out The Seduction Bible. It is a modern and up to date resource.

Update: You now get The Complete Pook Collection (PDF Edition) as a part of The Seduction Bible Bundle.

Like a happy Pook, I hopped over to my mailbox and found a magical letter! “How can this be, Monsieur Pook? What was so magical about it?” It was the address. The letter came from outside the Matriarchy. Most letters I recieve come from inside the system.

I believe this email sums up much of the anger and disgust at the feminization of everything:

Sometimes all I can scream in my head is ” Are you kidding me? ” I’ve just lost a friend to feminism/female dependency issues. I tried for 5 months to talk some sense in to him, but since his mother was the dominant authority figure in his household, he reacts just like a chic and will not hear of any Pookish wisdom. In turn, FUCK EM’.

I myself am a product of divorced parents and struggled with similar dependencies, all along knowing that I was doing something wrong, I was fighting my natural instincts. Thank God for my father who was uncharacteristicly patient and waited until I was of age to tell me how it really is. I wish that his instruction was all it took, but due to my mother, I missed out on the day to day examples every young man needs. By the way, I do not hold any grudge or contempt for my mother, I have a solid relationship with both her and my father.

Fast foward 10 years and I come across the young crop of guru’s who advocate never supplicating to women, yet who’s methods do just that. While they are entertaining and somewhat informative, I was just never going to do that crap. Alas, Pook and his fore fathers have awoken me from the matrix. Now I enjoy all pleasures that once were guilty, lifting weights, loud-fast cars, John Wayne movies, etc. I’d like to say that I’m cured, but it is not an overnight process and each day I notice a small change for the better.

I went to a family dys-function a couple months ago and all my female cousins questioned my lack of marital/child status ( I’m only 28,) to which I replied, “Why would I do that….I’m just starting to really enjoy myself”. I can barely scrape together enough respect to not laugh in their face when they ask me something like that. It is sad that I use to think highly of my peers and now…..now I pity them, and that itself is wrong, there has to be a happy medium. I want to be respectful of my friends and family, but when I see them buy into some mainstream crap….all I can do is walk away.

My family is full of unhappy marriages, divorced single mothers, estranged fathers, step children, etc…..downright embarassing. Everyone thinks seems to think it’s a normal part of life. Contact the CDC, it seems there is a virus attacking families across the world. Seemingly this half of the family is disgusted with the other half, she won’t talk to her sister-in-law, why did this one move out of state? This is nothing to brag about, if this were medieval times, I would ditch my family crest and use someone elses.

How could I possibly find a woman worthy of my last name, so that I may continue my fathers name, my legacy? I want to believe it could happen, but I know it won’t. Sad part, I’d love to start a family and all that, but not in this world, not with this crop of women. Good gracious, you’d have to be insane to do that. Even with AD’s machine ( which explained alot,) it’s such an uphill battle. I don’t fault the machine, it’s the amount of crap that you have to filter out that is not worth it.

Yeah, so I’m going to a friend’s wedding this weekend, he’s marrying a woman from eastern Europe. I’ve met her a couple times, she seems to have decent core values and such, but I’m still leary. I will give her credit though, we were all out at this bar and a friend was desperately eyeballing every chick in the place and she called him out on his pathetic behaviour. She also pointed out all the desperate attention whore qualities displayed by the females at the bar.

Another buddy is getting married to his GF of 6 years. I flat out told him not to do it, but what do I know. I love my friend, but I can already see the fat wife, 1 kid too many, and all the debt to go along with it. He told me that her ring was only $4000.00….Are you kidding me!!! Jewlery is such a waste, it is a freakin’ rock. Plain gold or silver bands are sufficient, it is merely a symbol of union, not an investment in precious metals. I will never buy jewelry for anyone, unless she gives me cash from her own account……even then I couldn’t do it, I’d rather go buy a camshaft or some roller rockers, or a whole muscle car, at least that I would enjoy.

You can’t help someone who won’t first help themselves.

This letter sums up much of the attitude of guys outside the Matriarchy. I have nothing to add to it except to point out two things some readers (especially non-sosuave) would miss.

When he is referring to AD’s Machine, he is referring to Anti-Dump’s Machine. Anti-Dump was a poster on sosuave who eventually vanished. Unlike most of those at sosuave, he was much older and already divorced. He cut much of the ‘crap’ from the ‘dating advice’ by putting out the idea of the machine. Instead of trying to get a girl to like you, he insisted, you ought to weed out the girls who don’t like you. Anti-Dump said that men operate under many assumptions such as if a woman dates you then she really, really, likes you. Even if a woman marries she may not even like the guy. Women get bored and can ‘date’ just for the hell of it. Women get manipulative too which is why they might see you as only a tool. “Stop giving your heart out to anyone,” he insisted to the Nice Guys. “Protect your heart,” he said. When you go out on a date, make sure she goes with what you suggested since she should like you, not the date itself. Anti-Dump’s Machine is a handy guide for Nice Guys to get a grip on themselves and not play the emotional tampon to every girl.

But the other thing I want to spotlight is the author’s lack of guilt. He enjoys doing things like muscle cars and all. Why shouldn’t he enjoy it? Because some woman thinks so? He is simply being who he is.

“Are men allowed to be happy?” I find myself asking this question frequently to women who eagerly inform me of the “great responsibilities” men have. Men have a fatal flaw of allowing women to assign guilt to things (such as sports, video games, John Wayne movies, and so on). If a guy would prefer to read a book instead of going out to have a “social experience”, he feels guilt because women disapprove of his action (of course they do since reading a book doesn’t benefit them).

A social life is often a ‘woman’s life’. Guys shop for stylish clothes in hopes of impressing others (not because they truly like them), they end up doing things they’d rather not do, and hang out with ‘friends’ who really aren’t exactly friends. I’m all for being social but it must come authentically without the presence of guilt or sense of achievement that ‘you went out’. If you have a night in the town and you don’t enjoy it, well, whose fault is that? Instead of wasting your life doing something you dislike (because you believe society [i.e. women] smile on it), why not spend life on things you do like?

The author’s words ring with the clarity that he is free from feminine guilt. The author cannot be shamed. Women have no control over him. Freeing yourself from feminine guilt is the first step past the boundary of the mental womb of Matriarchy. It is False Guilt that tethers men from leaving the Matriarchy. Cut the spiritual umbilical cord!

When you worship women, you give women the controls on guilt.

When you worship life, you place guilt firmly on matters of that impede your (and others’) life.

So do you want to go back to your womb and let someone define your life, or do you want to follow your soul to your dreaming’s end? One path leads back to Matriarchy. The other leads to an unexplored land… your own New World.

This will be the most important decision of your life.

Webmaster's note: The Book of Pook is a great book and a life changing read for many (including myself) but it is out of date with modern times.

It was written long before hookups, online dating, or even texting were a thing.

I highly recommend checking out The Seduction Bible. It is a modern and up to date resource.

Update: You now get The Complete Pook Collection (PDF Edition) as a part of The Seduction Bible Bundle.