TitleTime to Read
01 Min
18 Min
22 Min
34 Min
43 Min
53 Min
62 Min
72 Min
85 Min
92 Min
102 Min
115 Min
125 Min
134 Min
146 Min
153 Min
163 Min
173 Min
188 Min
1910 Min
2055 Min
212 Min
2214 Min
2313 Min
2415 Min
255 Min
263 Min
274 Min
289 Min
2911 Min
308 Min
317 Min
329 Min
338 Min
344 Min
353 Min
3614 Min
377 Min
388 Min
394 Min
401 Min
416 Min
4221 Min
436 Min
444 Min
455 Min
4610 Min
476 Min
484 Min
493 Min
509 Min
5110 Min
526 Min
538 Min
54“SS Is AFC”7 Min
55Talking To Girls2 Min
56The Difference Between Dating And Friendship3 Min
57Womanese!5 Min
58More Womanese!6 Min
59Even More Womanese!20 Min
60Why Women Mention Other Men Even If They’re Interested In You!5 Min
61Secret To Womanese!16 Min
62More On “You Must Be Gay!”3 Min
63The Keys To The Don Juan3 Min
64Toward Manhood!25 Min
65Women Initiating Dates3 Min
66On Marriage4 Min
67How To Get A Pook To Shut Up4 Min
68Finance: Traits Of Successful People I’ve Met3 Min
69Aphorisms42 Min
70Endure!3 Min
71Being Don Juan1 Min

Note: The chapters of this book are separate standalone articles and can be read in any order you like.

Also a Part of The Pook Collection

1The Pook Manifesto: Another one of Pook’s books that continues right where the Book of Pook ends. Think of it as Book of Pook Part II.
2Pook and Anti-Dump’s Machine: A guide to vetting women for long term relationships. Authored by Pook and Anti-Dump.
3The Lost Files of Pook: A collection of Pook’s writings from various forums that didn’t make it into any of his other books.
4The DJ Bible: The much acclaimed Don Juan Bible. The name says it all.

The Pook Manifesto – Teaser

 TitleTime to Read
1Pook’s Commandment’s vs. The Way3 Min
2Pookish Commandment One: Be who you are4 Min
3Second Pookish Commandment: Fight the Negativism3 Min
4Pookish Commandment Three: Become Financially Free5 Min

The complete Pook Manifesto has 179 chapters.

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