Second Pookish Commandment: Fight the Negativism

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Happiness and optimism are more infectious and influential than sadness and negativism. Whenever I have been pessimistic, my life tends to go nowhere (in which I become even more negative!). Being negative never gained me any friends but has repelled people away from me. Being pessimistic retards you. You don’t undergo action in pessimism. You don’t get smarter under pessimism. You just become stupider and become filled with fear.

Many people became millionaires just by selling books on optimism. Why didn’t books on pessimism sell millions of copies? It is because anyone can be pessimistic. Anyone can shape the world into Gloom and Doom. But only a few can be optimistic.

This commandment is to FIGHT the Negativism. We all are filled with some sort of negativity. We must struggle with it and wrestle it down like some giant snake, because pessimism gets in the way of who we are. You fight negativism not by ignoring it, not by pretending it doesn’t exist, but by using reason itself.

People want to be part of movements that are optimistic, joyful, and winning. Who wants to be part of a movement that says, “Nothing can be done. The world is over. We are doomed?” There is no book that says, “The Great Gloom and Doomers of History.”

There are many reasons to be optimistic:

-The liberation of women is only resulting in the liberation of men. Men are free to shrug off the old family chains and responsibilities since there is no pressure to marry. Men can have sex with any woman almost openly. Men do not have to start a family if they don’t really want to (whereas before, it was socially enforced).

-Western women had the greatest paradise any woman has had… they had men working for them, worshipping them, in the richest nations ever known on Earth. And they threw all that away to ‘become like men.’ This revealed to many men the secrets of female manipulation. The cat is now out of the bag and cannot be stuffed back in again. Thanks to the internet, the song and dance of manipulation is finally ending.

-More and more men are finding love (and pleasure) overseas. This means men have options in other countries. Western women do not.

-Men can find whatever they wish. If they want a traditional wife, they can find one from the Philippines or somewhere else. If they just want prostitutes, they have Thailand among other places. If they want more…uhh…zesty women they have Russia, Brazil, along with other countries. The possibilities are endless.

-In the U.S., marriage rates are dropping and co-habitation is up. This is because men are waking up to the strange legal system that operates around marriage.

-Western women still don’t get it. They still have the ‘YOU GO GRRLL!” attitude of a Career Woman or something else. They don’t understand why men are increasingly refusing to date or marry them. All they know is that everything is the men’s fault…somehow. Today, the ‘boys’ aren’t MAN enough to ask her out (or so she thinks).

-Feminism is losing power politically. Demographically, this is true. The surest ways to pass values from one generation to another is with children. Feminists do not believe in children, which is one of the reasons why they are losing numbers. Abortion has not helped their cause but only depleted their flock.

-Divorce laws and child custody laws are beginning to be fiercely challenged.

-Paternity testing is spreading like wildfire.

-The abuse of shouting ‘rape’ just to ‘get even’ has received widespread attention.

-Each day, more men ‘get it,’ and realize they don’t have to follow The Way.

The trends are all in our favor. Your job is to figure out what you want in life and GO FOR IT.

…Or you could sit in the corner and think that the world is going to end. But you are not getting any younger. Do not fall prey to the Paralysis of Analysis!

Thou shall live!!! And do not let anyone steal your joy.