The Keys To The Don Juan

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Welcome to Don Juan.

There are THREE KEYS that unlock a series of locks that is Woman.

Key One: Her sexuality and YOURS shall be embraced.

You have acted thus far as nonsexual going so far to SUPPRESS your sexuality. Why does she choose the Jerk over the Nice Guy? It is not because she dislikes niceness. A woman would rather be with a male, no matter how tyrannical, over an androgynous, no matter how nice.

You have not been dating but making friends. You do not need twenty-five female friends. You are so non-sexual that you do not initiate contact. You do not TRY to talk to a woman that leads them aroused. Heaven forbid that a woman might think that you want to bang her! Your passive and cautious talking with them, your posture, the way how you don’t look at her since she might see the truth in your eyes – these are a few of the MANY WAYS you have been dodging not her sexuality BUT YOUR OWN.

Damn it, YOU ARE MALE! SHE IS FEMALE! Sexuality is God’s precious gift! It is Nature’s course! Why are you afraid? WHY!?

Key Two: Fun shall be the focus.

Why are you so serious? You are not to propose to her on the first date, fourth date, or eighth date. You are not to talk about your life story.

From sex to the very first meeting, the focus must be on fun. You must get this ‘soul-mate’, ‘true-love’, and pedestal worship out of your head. Not that these things are necessarily bad, they poison everything AT FIRST.

Fun is a powerful key. It is so powerful that female friends may become interested in you just solely because YOU ARE FUN. On dates, focus not on what will go wrong, not on what will go right, not on the outcome but on the game. Even if the girl ends up being a loser, you still win because you were focusing on the fun and not on the girl. (And those that focus on the girl lose focus on the fun and, thus, lose the girl).

Key Three: You are the PRIZE to be won.

Think “She wants to be with me,” rather than “I want to be with her”. Imagine girls are gravitating towards you in every way. Assume that she is interested in you. If she is not, assume that she will be.

This will keep you from being disrespected, keep you from falling for an UG, keep you from sacrificing your life to her, and keep the focus on her winning you. YOU are the GREAT CATCH!

But it is not arrogance. This key unleashes a pleasant cockiness. Combine this with the Fun Key, and you have both cockiness and humor.

These are the THREE OBSTACLES (the three locks) that most guys have trouble with. They defy the first key by acting like sexual androids. They defy the second key by being consumed with their feelings and, on dates, seeing HER as the fun rather than the date itself (and end up doing BORING dates like going to the movies, going to dinner, etc. where they should be doing ACTION dates like dancing, skating, bowling, rock climbing, etc.). They defy the third key by seeing the woman as the trophy, as the goal, and, by such, all their actions revolve around her as she is the focus and axis of their desires. Here we find gifts, poetry, chocolate, ten phone calls a day, and so on being thrown at the girl. He sees her as a goddess so she begins to think herself one. Then she DUMPS him and goes for the guy that treats her roughly (in hopes that HE will see her as a goddess).

Women have a series of locks. These three keys of Don Juan can unlock most if not all.

So dream no more, gentlemen. Dream no more! The night has passed. A dawn of new life is upon you. So wear not the past of dreadful woes. Let them go. And may you be full of joy and life.

And prepare yourself… for your dreams with women are about to come true.