Being Don Juan

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Intermediate DonJuaner said, “Tell me Pook, how long did it take you to turn out to be a successful DJ despite of all the setbacks and bumps on the road?”

It is YOU guys that see me as some heroic DJ crusading through women. In MY eyes, I am not a ‘success’ and that is why I am successful. I’m literally in awe at the system Nature has set up for us. I learn new things everyday.

There will be NO time when you thump your chest and go, “I am Don Juan!” You won’t be successful with every woman (anyone honest will admit this).

Think of a card game. The cards get re-shuffled and dealt out again. You merely get better at the game, more sure, and know what to expect. The next card you flip over may be a two or a five or a ten or a QUEEN! You take it as it comes at you, dealing with what you have the best you can. You learn in the process and can better get that ten when she shows up again. There isn’t a pinnacle of success, a moment when one becomes ‘Don Juan’. The game never stops. The only major difference is that the Don Juan becomes gamemaster and the other players react to him rather then him reacting to their actions. But you don’t know what number is coming out of the deck next. It could be an 8. It could be a 10. It could even be a queen. Readiness is all.