Pook And The Mill: Introduction

Webmaster's note: The Book of Pook is a great book and a life changing read for many (including myself) but it is out of date with modern times.

It was written long before hookups, online dating, or even texting were a thing.

I highly recommend checking out The Seduction Bible. It is a modern and up to date resource.

Update: You now get The Complete Pook Collection (PDF Edition) as a part of The Seduction Bible Bundle.

And so it begins…


Welcome to the home of the gentle and playful Pook! Warrior against Androgyny,

Hobgoblin of Joy,

Seeker of Spiritual Truth, and other neat stuff like that.

“What!” you say. “Shall you pollute my Internet with yet ANOTHER blog?” But alas, what is a Pook to do when crawling between Earth and Heaven? Do not despair! This is not a blog just for the sake of making a blog. Let me explain:

There are many fronts of the war against Matriarchy that the Men’s Movement is throwing their spears. There is the obvious legal front. There is the personal front, the “cultural” front, even the religious front. But no one seems to wonder just how the feminists got into the university in the first place. For once they infested the university; the politics of feminism would spread to various fields attacking science and even mathematics. Once gaining a foothold into the university, feminism, like tentacles, could spread into business schools to alter a generation of budding CEOs and future decision makers.

“It is the Political School,” some people whisper. “It is through the Political School that Feminism entered the University.” While it is true that the Political Science is infested with feminism, politics is not the root. I don’t even consider Feminism to be a political manifestation. Yes, it is very political but politics is not the brain of Feminism, only its tongue. Even if Feminism was destroyed politically, you would end up with a silent glaring Matriarchy. Politics is a symptom of Feminism, not the original virus.

Feminism entered the University through the Humanities. Humanities are now the nest where the Matriarchs perch. Much of the Humanities are in ruins not just in the classrooms but in people’s minds. I am sure you have heard of the Vagina Monologues. The theater has been undone! And with it, all of Hollywood becomes undone with it! Literature has been murdered! And with it, the book industry has essentially collapsed.

“You speak too brashly,” it may be said. Very well doubting readers, let me ask you these questions:

Have you ever heard women proclaim themselves geniuses with their bad poetry, sore writing, and terrible acting as if they have no basis for substantial quality?

Has there been literature or art made in the past hundred years that will stand the test of time?

Women are flooding the universities so what fields are many of them going into? (Hint: it isn’t engineering)

Have you heard women consider themselves “creative” with their ‘art’ but despise math?

Why does every feminized woman believe the ‘humanities’ and math are two totally different things?

Feminism has destroyed many lives and many societies. But it has done something worse: it has destroyed the humanities. Feminism cannot co-exist with the old Humanities. This is why the door in which Feminism entered was the Humanities which, once destroyed, could easily infect the political systems and businesses of those affected nations.

Keep in mind that I am not pointing out the solution. I am simply showing the burned down gate in which the raging beast of Feminism stormed into the castle. As a Pook, I was swamped with messages and, literally, pleas from the Sosuave forum (a ‘how to get girl’ forum). Looking back, I can see that most of the problems came that the young men were ‘feminized,’ i.e. they suffered from the nice guyius maximus syndrome. Attempting to solve my own problems, I drew heavily on the old humanities of the past and obeyed the Law of Reality. What is the Law of Reality? It is exactly what you think. Instead of REACTING to reality as burned Nice Guys do, you end up EMBRACING reality. When people follow the Law of Reality, the entire world seems filled with marvels. It is Newton’s metaphor of literally walking among the shore picking up sea-shells.

Medusa was defeated with a mirror and so too will feminism. Just as physics and biology are mirrors to Nature’s laws, so too were the old humanities. Literature does not survive centuries because professors willed it so. It survives and prospers because it reflects the laws of humanity. Even Shakespeare admitted he was not being ‘creative’ as he described his work as holding a mirror up to Nature itself.

Feminism is about women refusing to see Nature in their own reflection. But Nature’s laws are the constitution of our bodies and our thinking. It is as ridiculous for a woman to be a man just as it is ridiculous for a man to be a pumpkin. Now I rather like pumpkins, they are most excellent for pies. But the Law of Reality does apply. Just as Nature is the Lord and King over Biology and Physics, thus Nature shall rule over Art and the Humanities.

“But why is this blog named Pook’s Mill?” you ask. This is a fascinating question with a fascinating answer!

As I said before, I had no answers for myself or the young men on Sosuave. I had only every day observances but nothing to really put that in context. The old humanities were a constant well I kept going back to and provided the… Fountain of Youth to these men who felt they were having old crusty souls. Like Alice, I wondered, “How far down does the rabbit hole go?” So after leaving Sosuave, I jumped down the well and plunged through the abyss.

What I found was that in pre-history (before writing) all the world’s cultures shared seemingly similar beliefs due the observance of the astral plane. Math, art, astronomy, the calendar, which are all seemingly different today were seen all as one then. The ‘primitives’ of the past had vast knowledge about the sky. Even though today we may not see much use of them, it is similar to the Middle Ages interest in charting the ‘layers’ of heaven and naming all the angels. But while those Middle Ages studies seem irrelevant today, they did invent perspective that blossomed into Renaissance art, founded the university, and created the framework of thought that became established in Western Society. Plato knew this ancient myth language which he probably learned from the Egyptians. Pythagoras, that genius, was also well rooted in knowing this core unison as his harmony of the spheres shows. Music, as far as even the Middle Ages, was considered a ‘math.’ How can you create music without knowing math? (Indeed, many of the most talented programmers are excellent musicians.) Poetry with its meter is, indeed, music. After all, Alice in Wonderland was created by a mathematical genius. So much for women believing ‘creativity’ is something separate from math.

You interrupt: “This is absurd! I want an anti-feminist blog! Not some academic namby-pamby!”

Your skepticism is noted, but it is a similar reaction to when I started quoting Shakespeare and other ‘insights’ of the past on a ‘how to get girls’ forum. Give it time; not everything can be explained in the first blog post. Even a Pook has a limit on his abilities!

Now, here is the reasoning behind this blog’s name:

The Saxo version of the Hamlet story, which Shakespeare based the play on, we find this from Narranspiel of the account of Hamlet’s ride along the shore:

 He notices an old steering oar left over from a shipwreck, and he asks what it might be. “Why,” his friends mockingly say, “it is a big knife.” Then Hamlet remarks, “This is the right thing to carve such a big ham”- by which he really means the sea. Then, Saxo goes on, “as they passed the sandhills and bade him look at the meal, meaning the sand, he replied that it had been ground small by the hoary tempests of the ocean. His companions praising his answer, he said he had spoken wittingly.

 One of Hamlet’s mythical predecessors, Amlodhi, was identified, in the crude and vivid imagery of the Norse, by the ownership of a fabled mill which, in his own time, ground out peace and plenty. Later, in decaying times, it ground out salt; and now finally, having landed at the bottom of the sea, it is grinding rock and sand, creating a vast whirlpool, the Maelstrom (i.e. the grinding stream, from the verb MALA, “to grind”), which is supposed to be a way to the land of the dead.

The image of the mill and its owner yielded elsewhere to more sophisticated ones, more adherent to celestial events. In Plato’s powerful mind, the figure stood out as the Craftsman God, the Demi-urge, who shaped the heavens; but even Plato did not escape the idea he had inherited, of catastrophes and the periodic rebuilding of the world.

With the gloom and doom saturating many of the Men’s Movement pages, I think it would be refreshing for one to go a different route. This Mill here is to not grind out salt but, hopefully, gold. But aside from its stance on optimism, this blog will differ precisely due to it being strongly tethered to the old humanities. It is a natural continuation of the old Sosuave posts. How this blog will be the same is that it will capture the same snapshots of reality of personal observation and consider the Men’s Movement as a political entity. This blog is not intended to bring down Feminism as it is more geared to bring men up.

We have the power to re-create the world again. And Feminism, like those other Ivory Towers, will go the way of Babel. They have created this lofty tower of theories, doctrines, and ideologies, but it will be Nature who pulls the rug from underneath the feminists. The feminists, in the end, will not be defeated by common sense or masculine petitioning but to be soundly annihilated by Nature.

No one has ever betrayed Nature and gotten away with it.

Webmaster's note: The Book of Pook is a great book and a life changing read for many (including myself) but it is out of date with modern times.

It was written long before hookups, online dating, or even texting were a thing.

I highly recommend checking out The Seduction Bible. It is a modern and up to date resource.

Update: You now get The Complete Pook Collection (PDF Edition) as a part of The Seduction Bible Bundle.