Pook’s Commandment’s vs. The Way

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These ‘commandments’ are simple and will counter the ‘The Way.’

“But Monsieur Pook, speak truly,” you say. “What is this thing you call…The Way?

The Way is the default life most men revolve around. The Way is routinely celebrated and held up as the only Way.

The Way consists of the following:

-Go to school. Get good grades. Do the senior prom, go to school dances, give a girl your high school class ring, and other garbage like that.

-Go to college. Get even more good grades. Participate with the campus activities, especially the feminist ones. Celebrate the Vagina Monologues. Become a mangina and write against evil patriarchy and how women need more rights and security.

-Get a job, not in something you like, but in something that provides security. Make money by working harder.

-Meet a girl, fall in love, and marry her. Participate in the elaborate wedding and the honeymoon to a place you didn’t choose.

-Buy a big house because of the expectation of kids.

-Once married, the other married guys show you how the system works by showing you the home improvement activities you now get to engage on. Yes, you get to go buy hammers and screws to continually improve the house. Lawn care, house care, car care, yes, your purpose is to maintain this physical shelter and make it look ‘acceptable.’

-Have a kid or two. Wife gets fat and cuts her hair. You must accept this. You will now work harder and be forced to get promoted due to the rising costs. You have become the wage slave.

-Keep doing this for decades until your soul evaporates. As your body breaks down (it will at this fast pace), let your wife play the role as the ‘nurse’ as you begin to make continual trips to the hospital.


Sounds fun doesn’t it? It certainly doesn’t sound appealing to me. Keep in mind that I am not knocking college, good grades, children, home improvement, and all that. What I am knocking is the pre-formulated life. This ‘default’ view is life in the Matriarchy. And this is if you are lucky and were not divorced.

While life in the Matriarchy as a metro-sexualized man holds little joy and much neuterization, the Men’s Movement has dropped the ball by not offering any optimistic alternatives. The bewildered young male sees, with very open eyes, the gloom and doom of The Way in the Matriarchal System. But the alternatives are…more gloom and doom! “Society is set to collapse!” these old farts say.

What is the result? The young man becomes depressed. Some turn to suicide. Why should anyone be surprised? If one read depressing bitter posts and articles day after day, who wouldn’t be depressed? What you read so shall you think.

We have given young men two sets of doom: the hell of The Way and the hell of the so-called ‘upcoming societal collapse.’ But there is another way…a way of hope.

Men Going Their Own Way is not an entitlement for sloth and righteousness. It is an opportunity to live. Freed from the shackles, we get the chance to actually have life. Do men trapped in the Matriarchy have that opportunity? …No! Treat it as the greatest gift ever bestowed upon you. It truly is the gift of life.

The best means of persuasion for young men is to not show how EVIL the Matriarchy is but rather show how GOOD it is to be a man going his own way. In a political election, candidates do not win by saying their candidate is SO EVIL that he must be voted against. Rather, the candidate must show WHY people ought to vote for him. This is true in business. You sell your product by showing why it is good, not by showing why your competitor’s product is EVIL.

Young men, who are standing on the thresh-hold of life, are being taught to peer into someone’s abyss. Youth, like fruit, can be sweet or bitter depending on how and when you pluck it. “But you cannot know the sweet without knowing the bitter.” Yet, how many of you would eat rotten fruit to illustrate that? You don’t because you know it isn’t healthy.

This is the same. And you can identify the good tree from the rest because only it will grow the good fruit. Keep this in mind when you read more acidic rants (from anyone).