A Note From The Compiler

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Well, seeing as I’ve decided to make this available to you guys I should make a disclaimer.

I’m not a “Pook Worshipper”. He has flaws like everyone else. I actually disagree with some of the stuff I’ve put up here, but I want to read it anyway because it has value as a viewpoint, and hell, maybe I’ll change my mind someday when I become wiser and Pookier.

Pook goes beyond simple seduction and takes us to the bigger picture, LIFE. Freedom.

He’s addressed some of the anti-Pook issues very well in the post I put as the introduction. I think, simply, that when someone rises to such heights of fame in a certain group, someone will always come up and challenge him for the ARROGANCE to be better than them, which is in this case completely imagined.

Anyway, if you’re reading this you’re hooked. So stop whining, you know we all love Pook at heart.

Other than that, compile your own damn ebook, punk.