On Marriage

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Why some of the marriages fail

The problem is not marriage; it is the woman you marry. BE PICKY. Figure out YOURSELF and what YOU WANT and GO GET IT. Aim for similar life views. (Many kids in college aren’t doing this, and we know what happens to them…)

Often, the woman gets married too young. All her girlfriends are going to parties, having fun, and she is stuck with a husband and duties. Oh, if she could only have fun!

There is a feminine mindset (in both men and women, but most frequently in women), that marriage is a great achievement, as if they are the only ones doing it. A woman considers that her getting married means she is being ‘successful’; she is moving up that female aristocracy ladder. Now she gets to have a wedding and be ‘princess’ for a day!

The guy marries because he is tired… so tired… He cannot stand being single and cannot endure the trials of life. He jumps at it as an armadillo does in front of my car when I flatten it!

Be a Man! Be independent! Follow that passion of divinity within you to satisfy your ambition and idealism.

Many guys cannot do this. They think like women and so die never being men.

(The divorce rate was highest during World War II, yes, that ‘greatest generation’. Society is NOT changing; we share more things with the past then we would dare admit.)

Who Invented Marriage?

I have to disagree with Jake Steed on this one (first time for everything!). MEN created the institution of marriage.

It is common to think of weddings and marriages as one of the same. But they are separate and have different origins. The wedding is merely a societal event, a celebration. It was to be more of a community event (remember how closely knit communities were back then, how the community was all). To say that weddings were invented by women, I would agree. But marriage? No.

Women are entirely sexual creatures. Turning from this present widening gyre, the falcon can no longer hear the falconer. The feminists have seeked revolution but women cannot create revolution, only chaos. Thus, anarchy has been unleashed unto the world.

The unfaithfulness of women is nothing new. Simply read the introduction to Arabian Nights. The Sultan, realizing the unfaithfulness of all women, decides to sleep with one per night and kill her the next day. The savior of women comes and tells ‘stories’ to the Sultan. He doesn’t kill her because he wants to know how the story ends. Thus, women survive through the stories. We make the stories, our idealizations and all makes tales of the woman. Dante turns Beautrice into the Divine Comedy. A poet turns a woman into poetry. A painter, paintings. And so on.

But the point is that women, being entirely sexual, are locked within a prism of society. They would freely sleep with any guy of their fancy but the ‘slut’ and ‘reputation’ factor all come in. Thanks to this, women are bounded.

Men created marriage to bind the woman to her. The deeper you go in the religions and ancient philosophies, one will be struck by the ‘mysgnomy’. But there is truth in it.

“No! Women created marriage to tie up the Man!”

Women wouldn’t need marriage. They have sex to use. And what do women want? Either they want pleasure or they want to be a mother. Marriage has nothing to do with either. Women can leash guys just through sex.(Thus, many women do not see marriage; they merely see the wedding. When you start to talk to her about the ‘marriage/relationship’, she will start talking to you about the wedding!)

-It is women more then men who cheat (though, to be fair, this might be because they have more opportunities)

-It is women more than men who initiate divorce.

Many women can’t stand it. Monogamy is more against their instincts then ours. No one would deny institutions like the state, science, and all are MALE created. But so is marriage. Women are like the centaurs; they ride the beast through this world. They must be bounded.

Societal Marriage

The legal laws concerning marriage nowadays are awful and need to change immediately.

But let us not confuse LEGAL MARRIAGE with the SOCIETAL MARRIAGE. LEGAL MARRIAGE is whatever the government says. SOCIETAL MARRIAGE comes from the community, a public face on the union.

In older times, religious laws (that formed the community) would of course be used to ‘lawfully’ wed the couple. If you found a woman that you love and all, stay with her and all, that is, basically, marriage. LEGALLY it may not be, but it is marriage.

Do not confuse the legal problems with marriage itself. Having a life partner can be very rewarding.

Saying “I won’t get married” but will have a life partner, you mean “I won’t get the government’s legal claws into me, but I will have a life partner, to marry (used in the oldest sense).

You guys wouldn’t be happy just going from one chick to another forever. Remember, you do not live to Don Juan; you Don Juan to live!