American Women Suck forum taken down

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Like Voltaire, I always believe in free speech. Words are just words. But it amazes me how people want to ban and delete websites/speech that goes against what they believe. Or, rather, they only interpret it as ‘hate speech’ and demand it go away.

You might ask, “Pook, why do they have such a reaction against ‘hate speech’? It is not sticks and stones. It is not violence. Did not Martin Luther King Jr. say something like, ‘I don’t want the White Man to love me, only the power to not hurt me’?'”

Here is something that everyone must know about The Political Class.

1) They believe they are extremely intelligent and that you are unsophisticated dumb peons.

2) They believe society is artificial and is like a garden (with the legislator as gardener). They want the garden to grow, to PROGRESS. Hence, plants do not have freedom in a garden. A plant not doing what it should, that is going another direction than the other plants, is seen as ‘freedom’ to that plant but to the gardener is seen as a ‘disease’ which they set fire to it. This is the mentality why people are lined up and shot in dictatorships.

I have talked to AWS in an undisclosed forum before. He is extremely paranoid (so much so he shocked other posters). Before one bashes American Women Suck, remember that the website has been cited in feminist legislation in Washington. If my blog was cited in Washington, I’d probably be paranoid too.

But still, AWS, you are doing yourself no favor at lashing out at those offering to help. Remember Benjamin Franklin’s cartoon that read: “We stand together or we will all hang seperately.”