Anti-Dump’s Machine (Part 1: Interest Level)

Webmaster's note: The Book of Pook is a great book and a life changing read for many (including myself) but it is out of date with modern times.

It was written long before hookups, online dating, or even texting were a thing.

I highly recommend checking out The Seduction Bible. It is a modern and up to date resource.

Update: You now get The Complete Pook Collection (PDF Edition) as a part of The Seduction Bible Bundle.

Webmaster’s note: This is Part 1 of ADM. You can get all 10 parts here.

The greatest casualty of Matriarchy is genuine love. How can young men fall in love with a woman without falling into her hands? Anti-Dump made a series of posts in which he created an answer.

Unlike every seducer and ‘player’ out there, instead of trying to ‘build interest,’ you should ‘test for non-interest.’ It is time for men to test these women out.

This is a TOOL for young men today to be able to seek love yet shield themselves from parasites.

You follow the same procedure time and time again with ALL women.

This will almost guarantee you success finding an INTERESTED woman because it is like having a love machine. Just push a button and there she is…well there is more work than that but you get the picture.

You are now on the Road to ‘The One’.

This is Anti-Dump’s MACHINE. Anti-Dump was interested in filtering out the non-interested chicks and finding the one he wanted. This is why Anti-Dump was not Doc Love. Doc Love was interested in boosting a female’s interest level through using challenge and such. Anti-Dump wasn’t interested in boosting women’s interest levels; he only wanted a chick for himself. His ‘machine’ was not to make women interested, it was to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Anti-Dump’s Machine is not ‘everything’. You still must build yourself up and create a life. Anti-Dump’s Machine is a good system to find an INTERESTED chick and keep her for an LTR and eventually marriage.

For example: If a girl goes back to her ex, most guys think the chick is broken. Anti-Dump would see it as a DUMP. But does the guy see it as a dump? No, his VANITY is in the way. He and the other guys just conclude the women are ‘broken’ or ‘mad’.

If this guy had used Anti-Dump’s Machine, he would never have been in such a situation. In other words, girls are not CRAZY, you just weren’t MAN enough for her.

How do I measure success with women? That’s easy. INTEREST LEVEL!

I only date women who are INTERESTED in me. I think I am very successful because I DON’T HAVE WOMEN WHO AREN’T INTERESTED AROUND ME.

Most guys get a girlfriend and get that stupid smug look on their face. “I got a girlfriend.” But does she like you or is she really just bored? Anyone can get women. Remember, even AFCs can get women. PLEASING them cannot be the barometer of success. Pleasing YOURSELF is in what you want.

This also applies to the Urban Breed, who get together with their friends to tell how many chicks they’ve ‘scored’ just like chirpy chicks telling each other how much they’ve gotten from a guy. When we play this game, we just go in a circle boosting nothing in our lives but vanity.

I am successful because I don’t have women in my life that don’t love me.

It is not a ‘negative attitude’. It is a WEEDING OUT PROCESS. I weed out unsuitable women. What’s unsuitable?

LOW interest. Why is she with me if she rejects almost all of my date suggestions? Low interest. Why is she with me when after three years she never once said ‘how are you?’. LOW interest. Why is she with me when we are engaged to be married in four weeks and I hear her say to her girlfriend while on the phone “Men, their just NOT WORTH IT” in a serious voice. LOW INTEREST!!!!!

These are actual, REAL women that I’ve dated. And I didn’t even mention my ex-wife. She wasn’t the engaged girl above.

Guys, they don’t love you so DUMP THEM. You know it’s true, but you hang in there year after year pretending it’s really there. But it isn’t. She just doesn’t treat you right.

You [Vassago] and Delvar can laugh at my stuff and anybody else. But I GUARANTEE you will meet a woman who loves you and not one that doesn’t.

Anti-Dump and Interest Level

If you asked Anti-Dump, “What ought I to do to please the women?” he would reply:

“What! Please the women? Stop looking from the perspective of the woman and start looking at what pleases YOU.”

This is where most guys get Anti-Dump wrong. These guys (Speed Seductionists, etc.) keep trying to CREATE romantic interest. “I will give the women a chance to get to know me.” Anti-Dump isn’t interested in CREATING interest because it has to already be there. This confuses many.

Let us say a cool guy uses Anti-Dump’s Machine. He finds a girl that loves him. Now let us say a bum on the street uses Anti-Dump’s Machine. He finds no girl that loves him.

“See! See! His Machine doesn’t work!”

Fools! You are placing the success on obtaining women, not on obtaining INTERESTED women. It is not a black and white world of “Success = Having Women” and “Failure = Staying Single.” No, it is “Success= Not being attached to UNINTERESTED women.” and “Failure = Being attached to an UNINTERESTED woman.” Being in an unhappy marriage is worse than being single.

In both the cool guy and the bum’s examples, Anti-Dump’s Machine worked. The Machine is not to get you a woman, its purpose is to WEED OUT uninterested women. If you are the street bum, no women will be interested in you. The machine is not the failure, the man is.

Now if the street bum recreated himself and became Cool Guy, the machine will throw up an interested woman eventually.

It is that simple.

Woman should be interested in YOU. Not what you are doing.

When a woman changes the date it is a RED FLAG.

Think about it. She is ‘negotiating’ a simple date. What other demands is she going to insist on in the future?

I was once engaged to a girl that turned down TEN second date ideas. I swear to God!

She was one of the most INFLEXIBLE girls I ever had a relationship with. We were going to be married and she REFUSED to spend sundays anywhere but at her mother’s house. No exceptions. And she hated Boston. I LOVE Boston. My second date idea should have been Boston!

Then I would have gotten rid of her then and not later.

You tell her “I was looking forward to playing pool with you. I’ll give you another buzz sometime”.

You pick the dates YOU want at first. She needs to like your style.

Call a week later with a DIFFERENT date. Not the one she said. Remember you are testing for HIGH INTEREST. If she doesn’t accept the second one, throw her number away. I would say for the second turndown: “Wow. We seem to be different as night and day. Listen, maybe I’ll see you around town. Goodbye.”

The first date should be accepted. And the second and third as well. After that, you can compromise.

Another way is the counter-offer.

Ron: Let’s go sky diving. I’ll pick you up at 1:00PM on saturday.

Miss Inflexable: Oh god, I could never jump out of a plane. How about a simple dinner.

Ron: Sorry, but I just lost ten pounds. How about jet-skiing? (THE COUNTER-OFFER) My uncle will let me use his jet-ski. I’ll be over at 3:00PM.

Miss Inflexable: I’m afraid of falling off the darn thing.

Ron: Maybe down the road we can get together. I gotta go. (click).

The whole point is that if she accepts your first three dates she is going to be a flexable partner down the road.

Women that feel EVERY date has to be mutual are bad news in my book.

I called one girl years ago for a movie date. She said “I have to be in the MOOD for a movie”.

Today Anti-Dump would say “Listen. I’ll call you back when you are in the mood”! Like NEVER!

Stand your ground. It shows you are not desperate and that you are a MAN. You have BACKBONE.

It weeds out the ones that just want to use you for a good time. Or are going with you because they are bored.

You must be the FOCUS.

Exactly! YOU are the focus, not the girl. She needs to like who you are, not you to mold yourself to her pleasures. You guys are not ‘creating’ interest, you are just deceiving yourself. Why do people deceive themselves? Because it flatters the ego.

For a strategy to work, one of the sexes CAN’T be using a strategy.

Read this again.

One side has to be defenseless for the ‘strategy side’ to WIN.

Read this also again.

A man who is a nice guy will call a woman repeatedly because in the “Rules” she won’t return a man’s calls.

In other words the guy has to ‘beg’ for a date. Real men don’t beg.

Begging is impossible with my strategy because of the two call limit. You are not defenseless.

If the male and the female are both using a strategy, like in chess, you have a STALE MATE.

Both of you LOSE the game.

The answer is simple: Date only women who have no ‘plan’. Here’s the great part. Women dislike strategies. As soon as they meet a guy they have HIGH interest in, they are the first to break the rules!

This is why you should never make an exception. The woman will be the first to compromise (a little).

Women who won’t let the men lead (at first) are scared of being women. You need to avoid them.

Almost every guy on the planet shows EXCESSIVE attention to  women. This goes on day after day, year after year. Women are bored with it. They’ve heard the compliments a million times. You believe a myth. You believe a woman doesn’t get enough attention. You believe she’s starved for attention. This is not so. Every day some guy is asking her to “get together some time”. Every day some guy is asking for the number. Every day some guy is telling her how beautiful she is.

When you show a women INITIAL interest like you said above, SHE BEGINS TO LOSE interest. Your theory would work if nobody was approaching these women day after day. THEN, her interest would suddenly INCREASE. But, instead, it DECREASES when you tell her how fine she looks and talks. She’s BORED by attention.

So, in effect, there can be no ‘Cycle’. Attention kills the deal. It might work on an unattractive lady. I’ll give you that. But on attractive to beautiful. I say it BACKFIRES.

It is as if the dog women want to be treated like beauties (with flowers and chocolates) while the beautiful women want to be treated like dogs (mistreated, hurt, kicked).

Stop being sappy not because it won’t get you hot chicks but because it’s so disrespectful to yourself. You start awarding flowers to women who have not earned them.

The DJ way is not trickery just like you said. You see this so clearly. It’s UNCOMMON, common sense. Sure, you could use it to create high interest and screw the girl then drop her the next day. But this is unlikely.

Guys that use these methods are interested in LOVE not just sex.

We don’t have a short attention span. Except with an UN-interested woman! He,he,he!!!!

It’s funny Devlar should say that the DJ way is ‘immoral’. If a girl is not interested in us, we don’t get sex first like he does then later drop the girl. We drop the girl long before any sex.

It’s ‘immoral’ for guys to be played as SUCKERS. That’s immoral. It’s immoral for guys to be USED so the ladies can get gifts and free concerts. From guys that they just don’t care about.

I would also add sex and boy toys. Yes, women DO use guys as sex toys. You want to stay away from such chicks because it is impossible to have a healthy relationship with them (a woman ought to be giving, not taking).

To sum up:

Even Ko-B ‘got it’. He said “after a while you PEEL OFF the AD cover”. That’s exactly it! Dating is like buying an expensive piece of real estate. You have to know what you are doing. You have to be careful or you might get stuck with swampland

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Webmaster's note: The Book of Pook is a great book and a life changing read for many (including myself) but it is out of date with modern times.

It was written long before hookups, online dating, or even texting were a thing.

I highly recommend checking out The Seduction Bible. It is a modern and up to date resource.

Update: You now get The Complete Pook Collection (PDF Edition) as a part of The Seduction Bible Bundle.