Does law create marriages or do people?

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Some have expressed outrage in how I could suggest the abolition of marriage laws. “How could you, Pook!?” they say. “That is too drastic! Too insane!”

But do not fall for the trap that law is the creator of marriages. It is interesting that the reactions to removing a law are thought to be removing from society itself. When people wanted the laws concerning education to be removed, some thought it meant the end of all education in society! When people wanted the laws concerning religion to be removed due to the intense religious wars, some thought it would mean the end of religion. Yet, religion thrives in societies even when it isn’t contained in the law. Marriages will thrive as well within society without the use of law. It is like some people think I would want people to starve if I said the state should not pass laws concerning raising grain!

Religion, communities, and even your own private contracts can create marriages much greater than any law can. Since marriage is now defined entirely by the law, it is no mistake that we see the interests of the times throws themselves at the legislative palace and the battle within all the more intense. Whoever controls the law controls the definition of marriage. I wonder how the law became the authority on marriage? You cannot divorce marriage from the state now so it seems safe to say that socialism has completely entangled marriage. Now, people cannot think of marriage without thinking of the government.

Marriage, property, and liberty are not created by the law. To the contrary, it is the fact that marriage, property, and liberty existed beforehand that caused people to make laws in the first place. (Replace the word “marriage” with “society” and the statement still holds true.)