Email on Matriarchy and Marriage

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It’s ironic that you don’t like philosophers and yet love Shakespeare. For the time he lived in it would be no supprise that his education would be influenced by ancient thinkers like Cicero or Seneca. When Hamlet said:“There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so.”
He was paraphrasing the core of Stoic thought. Hamlet is echoing a line from Epictetus:“People are disturbed not by things, but by the views which they take of things. Thus death is not a terrible thing… rather, our notions of death are terrifying.”

And no, the Stoics did not glorify pain and suffering. Such things were viewed to be indifferent to one’s own happiness (eudaimonea).

Shakespeare quoting a few philosophic sayings is much different than him supporting philosophy. I am not against philosphy, I am against the crusty intellectual who thinks himself so smart yet is blinded to life. Most of these ‘intellectuals’ are academics who have secure jobs (never knowing the idea of risk) and are seperated from the bloom of life.

In “As You Like It”, the intellectual Jaques is left in the forest without a mate while everyone else in the play mates and marries. In “Love’s Labour’s Lost”, the entire play is an answer to the question: “What is the end of study?” Should one dedicate himself to thought and absolve from wine, women, and song? Shakespeare’s answer was clear: no. To Shakespeare, such a life removed from wine, women or song is like the professional virgin. It is a life of vacuum. I can find no incidents where Shakespeare praises the philosophic life. This shouldn’t be surprising as Shakespeare was a poet, not a philosopher.

Anyhow, the reason I read your blog is not to pick appart your miss-use of philosophy. ;-P The reason I read is for what another wrote you regarding the matriarchy and marriage.

One of the things I’ve always assumed, like a lot of other men I would think, is that one day I would be married and have children. Well I’m turning 30 in a month and now I’m not so sure it will ever happen. Yes this really does bother me, but my sense of self-peservation outweighs any feelings of nervousness I feel at getting older and being single.

The truth is women make me very sad. When I was younger and a nerd I was ignored by women. Now that I’m older, my value has gone up, my nerd-ish ways have declined, and I’ve recently purchased a house and a motorcycle. Shock of shock women show interest. But they don’t really want me, they want the bike and the house and the “oh my love will melt his icy heart” faerie tale they all love to live.

I can’t wait until you have the web site because I’ve never found a forum (and sosuave doen’t count) for men who are looking for honest relationships that aren’t about speed-seduction. How the hell are any honest men, (and I don’t mean wimpus-Americanus here, I mean men who just aren’t out to exploit and abuse) how are such men supposed to find mates?

The last girl I wanted to date was probably one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. She could be very loving and nurturing and had a warm smile that could make your day so much better. But she also joked too much about how she wanted to be a gold digger and a trophy wife. She joked about it like I joke about how I like younger girls (in that I’m not really joking). I guess the only way to find out how serious the girl was about gold digging would be to marry her, but who the hell would want to find out on the other end of a divorce?

I don’t see this as a trivial issue as I really do want the family thing at some point in my life (say the next 5 to 10 years). But I really just don’t know how it can happen with the way things are. During some pillow-talk I tried to expalin this to an older woman I know hoping she might understand but she couldn’t. She told me I should just take the leap of faith and trust a woman. She didn’t even see the irony of that statement when she got up to leave and go back to her husband. *boggle*

Well this has become a lot longer than I wanted it to and now I need to go open my mail… and get back to work.

I put up this email to show (for one reason) a dispute to many seducer’s claims.

Those who show their annoyances at matriarchy are jeered at by ‘seducers’ with (curious enough) the same exact stereotypes that women put on us. They call anyone who questions the Matriarchy…

1) Can’t get laid. (the emailer is laying even married women!)

2) Doesn’t know how to be cool. (emailer has a motorcycle and a house. He isn’t hurting in options)

3) Doesn’t want responsibility or to settle down (emailer wants to get married and have a family)

And so on.

Seducers haven’t seriously thought of marriage (if they have, they are so arrogant to believe that their ‘charm’ is greater than the law. It isn’t). If they did, the sadness of the situation would become apparent.

The worst thing we can do is to give up. Second worst thing we can do is get stuck in the ‘paralysis of analysis’. We certainly aren’t getting any younger.

If you marry, investigate the state laws (if you are in America) and see which ones nearby is a best fit for you legally. Do not marry in California. Invest the money in iron-clad prenuptials. You could also marry in another country so the marriage will be under that set of laws. But this is definately something worth talking to a lawyer for.

You can marry foreign women or take trips to those countries. I’m not sure what you’ve thought about this idea, but it is an option.

There are a few anti ‘matriarchy’ dating (?) forums. I’ll try to look them up and post them here.