*Gag alert* “Why American and Western Women Rock!”

Webmaster's note: The Book of Pook is a great book and a life changing read for many (including myself) but it is out of date with modern times.

It was written long before hookups, online dating, or even texting were a thing.

I highly recommend checking out The Seduction Bible. It is a modern and up to date resource.

Update: You now get The Complete Pook Collection (PDF Edition) as a part of The Seduction Bible Bundle.

An email, with no text, forwarded this newsletter that came from a Dating Website. Below, you will find the text with some comments by me, the Pookius Maximus. The reason why I made that long post before this one was because of this email.

No, this isn’t some tirade against women who are NOT western or American. Not about that at all.

What I am going to do today, is UNTANGLE a pervasive myth. 

A myth about “western” and “American” women, a myth that views these women as if they are aliens OR as if they are so different, OR as if they are “evil”.

It’s almost FUNNY when I see guys, even guys that have all the stereotypical “pluses” going for them, like being tall or having money or having good looks, whining their asses off about how “foreign” women are “better”, and how “tough” it is with western or “American” women. 

I don’t know if these guys are local or foreign themselves, and/or if they are simply not “getting any” from western or American women, or if they can’t ACHIEVE HARMONY with western or American women. 

It’s a myth used and abused by many, sometimes because they don’t know the truth, and sometimes this myth is spread by those who KNOW BETTER, but want to DISTORT the truth anyway for selfish reasons.

Whoa! Stop the tape! Selfish reasons? And this is coming from someone trying to sell people E-books? OK, resume the tape. 

So this newsletter is for those confused or who may have been brainwashed by wretched LIES to believe that the ANSWER to their women issues is to find a woman from ABROAD. 

The idea they try to promote is that American or even sometimes the idea that “western” women are spoiled, and that “foreign” women are much better for relationships, or better for whatever the heck else they might say.

Some folks out there will try to tell you that there is a problem with western or American women. 

You know, I MYSELF used to wonder a bit about this. BEFORE I finally “GOT” it.

But I am human, and open to LEARNING. In fact, I believe in LIFELONG learning. And learn I did.

The problem is not with western or American women. It is women IN America. These women could be natives or foreigners. Once being in America, the law and/or media can corrupt their souls to grab for power instead of look for love.

And I hate how these ‘dating experts’ have








I never FULLY believed the “foreign women” lie, but I thought maybe there was some truth to it. 

There are guys out there (some who call themselves “experts” – yikes!!!!!) who will go on and on (yawn) about how it’s a whole big science to understand the difference between cultures and countries if you want to do well with women, and they will especially go on and on about how foreign women are “better behaved”.

Look, for a short while, I was curious about this stuff, so I decided to thoroughly look into it.


Never mind that the whole idea is suspicious anyway, because we all know that there is HUGE VARIATION amongst ALL INDIVIDUALS. So for example, does anyone REALLY think that at a “religious” school, that all the kids there are “more moral” than at say, a PUBLIC school or secular school? 

Let me tell you something, you can’t INSTITUTIONALIZE or FORCE good character. You can promote it, but only through TOTAL LIFESTYLE changes.

Then why does the U.S. and the West institutionalize or FORCE good character with their web of marriage laws and family courts?

It is silly to say that Western Men are FORCING or INSTITUTIONALIZING or have any desire to. Western Men are not cheerleaders to the laws that have turned marriage into an ‘institution’. These men have no power to create law on these women.

It’s not about the school you go to, or the country in which you live, unless that school or country truly controls every aspect of your private life. Hence, dictatorships can truly mold people for evil, by controlling every aspect of people’s lives.

Already, Micael W. reveals he has adopted the idea that society is not natural, that it can be molded, controlled, and shaped. While dictatorships do this, they do so because a dictatorship has complete control of the law with no check or balance. 

If anything, PARENTS influence children the most and therefore play the greatest role in shaping each successive generation and culture. Hey, I like some of Madonna’s music, and I think she is a great businesswoman for sure, but somehow I don’t think her Catholic school education is what shaped her music, except in the IRONIC sense possibly of her ENTIRE CAREER being a REBELLION to it.

Gay guys LOVE Madonna. And why in the world is he praising Madonna in a dating newsletter? This is raising red flags.

So LOCATION or OFFICIAL CULTURE means NOTHING when it comes to what a PERSON is ACTUALLY like. (unless it is a total dictatorship, and even there there will be those who behave in ways against the official values)

Why contradict yourself so openly? 

I don’t buy the b.s. argument that foreign women are more faithful, more loyal, more loving, blah blah blah.

Only if they aren’t in America. 

If anything, in many foreign countries, women are simply more controlled and used to being controlled. They have less rights.

He spends so much time about how one cannot generalize and then he proceeds to do it.

And in MANY cases, the women STILL RESIST whenever they CAN.

The bottom line is that if you are an UNCOOL person, a guy who doesn’t “get” it, then NO MATTER what woman you meet, you’re going to have problems on the attraction front. And without ATTRACTION, the only reason a woman might be with a guy is because she has nothing else going on.

This is true, but it has nothing to do with the issue of foreign women.

Of course, with a woman who has no rights or power, there is “security” in the sense she cannot leave him easily, so “emotional risk” you might say is limited, but that is like saying that you should only play VIDEO GAME versions of bike rides, to be safe, instead of actually riding your bike. Yeah, it’s safe and you prevent damage and falls, but it’s not REAL and it’s not as exciting or meaningful or rewarding.

He admits the risk of Western women!

Dating foreign women compared to Western women is to be like a video game of bike riding compared to actual bike riding? This is the stupidest comparison I’ve seen.

The premise of the comparison is wrong. Foreign women are not docile controlled creatures. Besides, one can find Western women who are docile and controlled. Yet, the legal risk does not change because you are still in America.

Resume the tape. 

Hopefully I don’t need to tell this to anyone, but foreign women, and not just the mail order brides, and other women desperate to leave their home countries, aren’t the most reliable sources of information for how they REALLY feel.

But someone trying to sell their E-book is? 

There is something called DECEIT. Something called using a guy for a passport. Using a guy for money. 

Why the heck would a gorgeous woman from say, Russia, want to hook up with a totally UNCOOL guy with no sense of style, no sense of humor, no excitement, not a cool bone in his body? Especially when she could INSTANTLY change her reality and find a cooler guy?

While it is true that some foreign women do search out to use a guy, there are simple ways around this such as going outside the cities and tourist areas in their countries. You can also plan to live in that country which means no passport at all.

And the answer as to why such a woman would hook up with such a guy is even more simple: she is gorgeous because she feminine. She likes the guy because her environment values elements that the pop-culture in the West does not. For example, I like to read books. This is seen as ‘loser’ by some in the West. But women who value intelligence LOVE that element. So this ‘loser’ quality becomes seen as a ‘winner’ quality elseware. And the ‘cool’ qualities of the West’s pop-culture easily become ‘uncool’ in many places in the world. There is a reason why many nations despise American tourists.

Is it a SURPRISE to hear accounts of guys who didn’t “get it”, who got married to such women, got her a passport, and then got dumped a few months later? 

Does this mean that ALL of these women, whether mail order brides, or any foreign women that you meet, are illegit?

NOPE, I’m sure there are legitimate “quality” foreign women. BUT THERE ARE A MILLION LEGIT QUALITY WOMEN RIGHT OUTSIDE YOUR FRONT DOOR!

Which 100% of them are under the ‘instititionalizing’ and ‘force’ controlling marriage and feminist laws in the West. This is too easy. Resume the tape! 

It’s not about how FAR you travel to meet a woman, it’s about HOW COOL OF A PERSON YOU ARE.

If you HAVE what it takes, then suddenly TONS OF WOMEN are drawn to you, REGARDLESS of where they are from. 

And if you DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW ATTRACTION WORKS, and if you don’t have this vibe about you, then even if you travel all the way to another GALAXY, STILL, no woman will be interested.

Coolness is often seen in the eye of the beholder. Why should someone sell their soul to pop-culture? It is not life-worshipping but rather life-appeasing way of thought.

I have spent half a decade on Sosuave making posts about getting guys to “man up”. One thing I’ve learned is that foreign women are less tolerant of ‘wimps’ than Westernized women are. Western women love marrying wimps who they can control. But women outside of the Anglosphere have a low view on men who appease, who have no backbone.

I kind of suspected this stuff, but wasn’t always SURE, 100%, until recent years.

Never mind that in a previous career, I already had over two years experience working with and socializing with elites from all over the world, which exposed me to tons of cultures from every continent, and that I also have formal education in this area as well

Elites!!!!! Oh, that word! And HE wasn’t exposed to tons of cultures, rather he was exposed to elites.

Listen closely to his formal education:

— in fact my second degree at university REVOLVED around appreciating the impact of cultural diversity for communicating and educating others.

He hasn’t actually been to these countries. But he did have a ‘degree’ which REVOLVED around ‘cultural diversity’ and education… i.e. a chick degree. This dude has a chick degree!

And never mind that Toronto, my hometown, is certainly one of the most ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse cities in the world, if not THE most diverse.

He is a city dweller and a Canadian. I apologize to Canadians reading this, but Canadians are generally seen as ‘feminized’ especially in areas like Toronto.

Notice how he just views women in his own country. He doesn’t go anywhere.

The truth is that having all this background in ADDITION to my understanding of attraction HELPED, but it was like OVERKILL for understanding a rather SIMPLE issue.

All you have to know about the whole “western women” or “American women” vs. foreign women debate is: American and western women have more FREEDOM.

They are not locked up.
They are allowed to vote.
They are allowed to drive a car.
They are allowed to express their sexuality.
They are allowed to STAND up against bullshit, like a guy who cheats on them.

They are also allowed to…

Be completely unfeminine and be proud of it.
Be single mothers.
Divorce you and take your assets.
80% of sexually active women have an STD, usually common Herpes (it’s true, do a search on it).
Have multiple tatoos everywhere.
To reject motherhood and war against their fertility.
To hold careers at the detriment of the family.
To throw the weight of the state on you on accusations of rape or sexual harassment; proof not required.
To have secret Family Courts which take custody of children despite most defenses for the male.
Can let you cheat in marriage (and you pay for it in divorce.)
They can cheat on you in marriage (and you still pay for it in divorce.)
Western women are also allowed to have sex with underage males, such as at schools, and are barely penalized for it.

Sorry, doesn’t sound so good to me.

When people think only in terms of sports sex, such as seducers, they do not think deeply of the issues above. But when you want children and seriously contemplate marriage, these issues come up.

All this stuff sounds pretty damn GOOD to me. Ummm, why would any guy want to LEAVE these women and go for a woman because she comes from a place where she is DENIED freedom? That’s pathetic!

Western females are rarely women. In fact, most express hostility at being a woman in the first place.

When guys start saying that American or western women are evil, and that “foreign” women are “nicer”, what they are really saying is that they don’t “get” it yet. Which is not their fault, and in fact is one of the reasons I do what I do – to clear up these things.

Once you understand the FULL picture, you start to realize that the REAL problem is that most MEN in the west need to develop THEMSELVES to go along with the times, because so many men are STILL behaving in a way that only made sense a long time ago, when women DID NOT have these freedoms.

To go along with the times? In other words, your soul and life must be reconstituted to please the women. This is appeasement. This is the loser mentality. This is the wimp.

Now that women HAVE these freedoms, women have more confidence, self-esteem, etc. So men have to UNDERSTAND this and start being far less formal with women. Far less “tip-toeing” around women. And far MORE fun, confident, charming, interesting, and challenging.

Women already had freedom before. Law has never granted people freedom because Law is very different then society. 

A lot of men could learn from WOMEN about how to have a higher sense of self-esteem, how to not accept bullshit, how to frame yourself as the “prize” in a relationship or male-female interaction and how to get what your worth in these situations, and how to have a better sense of humor, etc etc.

Yeah, guys can learn a LOT from women. Even the fact that women tend to pay more attention to fashion is something men can learn from as well. It’s all about creating EMOTIONAL IMPACT, something women know but too many men ignore.

Oh, these Western women are so incredible and we, Western males, are so awful! Yes, let us learn from the women. Let the women teach us how to be a ‘man’! Sarcasm aside, how in the hell can a woman teach a guy how to be a man? 

And it’s NOT about being manipulative, unless you think that having ATTRACTION POWER and being EXCITING AND FUN to be around is manipulative.

There are other issues as well, such as the role of family, but this has affected both men and women, and is not the fault of women. In the 1950’s, both men and women were more marriage minded, more family minded, and also it was more possible for only one person to work to bring in the income. This made it easier to have a more stable family life. It can still be done today, it’s just a little more challenging. And certainly, this does not make American or western women “bad” any more than it makes men “bad” for having given women their freedoms!!!! 

Now that I think about it, it actually took a lot of GUTS for western society and men to do this.

In the post below this one, I kept hammering how Feminism is born through the idea that society and law are the same. As you can see from this guy’s comments of how he can say such a thing. 

Yeah, things have shaken up quite a bit and it’s taking a bit of time for both men and women to adjust perfectly, but ALL societies are constantly adjusting to something, and do you really want women to be locked up in a cage? If that’s the only way you can feel secure with a woman, that’s NOT GOOD!!! 


To him, society is completely artificial and slowly ‘evolving’ and ‘changing’. But if this were true, then the great works of the Humanities, from Shakespeare on down, would be undone since Human Nature isn’t universal or unchanging. But Human Nature IS universal and it does not change throughout the generations of people on Earth.

It starts with realizing that the “problems” are more of sign of NOT HAVING “THE SKILLS” with women, a sign of NOT UNDERSTANDING, a sign of NOT having THE RIGHT SELF-CONCEPT.

Ahh, yes, the ‘skills’. On Sosuave, people would ask me about ‘skills’ and ‘systems’ and I would always reply that there are no skills or systems. There is only Nature. I do not look upon women as Machiavelli looked upon people. Nature already gave me the tools to ‘get’ women, I just had to let them out. I had to be a man, to let myself be a sexual being, and so on and so forth. No philosophy or ‘master skills’ was required for this just as no philosophy or ‘master skills’ is required for a baby to turn into a kid. (But philosophy and ‘skills’ can give that kid a mindset of being a baby. I see philosophy and artificial skills as obstacles for a young male to become a man rather than the opposite.)

American and western women often have HIGH STANDARDS.

Are men allowed to have ANY standards for their women?

They also have OPINIONS, they cannot be CONTROLLED or programmed like ROBOTS.

Yet, Michael W. is asking us to be programmed with his ‘mad skillz’ and ‘percieved coolness’ like robots.



They are often EDUCATED.

Degrees are not the same as education.

They won’t put up with BULLSHIT, like you cheating on them.

Fine. So why are men asked to put up with THEIR bullshit, like them cheating on YOU?

This is good s**t!!! Why would you want a woman any other way? Any other way would be pathetic, it would mean that the guy has no way of actually attracting the women, that he must control them instead. That’s boring, creepy. Pathetic.

This guy is projecting himself onto others. If what these men say is true, that foreign women are higher quality than American women, doesn’t that mean this ‘Dating Guru’ is not as successful with women as he thinks? If American women can easily be ‘trash’, doesn’t that mean that he, Michael W., lacks the skills and manliness to obtain true feminine women?

Of course, his egoism will never permit this possibility. So, obviously, anyone who says otherwise is a ‘loser with women’. There can be no other explanation in his mind (or else his reality collapses as does his business).

The answer is not to change women, it’s for MEN to develop themselves!

You mean re-program ourselves to have LOW standards in women.


As I’ve said for OVER THREE YEARS: 

To be THE MAN. 

Not ONE WORD has changed in my original book about this: 


One more time:


Women want THE MAN.

Nothing else can compete with this.

And he defines ‘being the man’ as redefining yourself please women. No. This is the definition of having no backbone or being soul-less in life. I don’t think this character understands what a man is. 

I’ve been STEADFAST in this, I didn’t just release that book in a hurry. And it has stood the test of time. No need for releasing a ton of other books, unlike a lot of other folks who I guess needed to make up for what was “missing” in theirs, and still do apparently, by dumping endless more books on you, to get you hooked and addicted. 

Once you yourself develop, it’s SO MUCH more rewarding to be with a woman who you know is with you because of CHOICE rather than because she has NO OTHER CHOICE, or because she has little choice. 

And for those who already have the book, I seriously recommend you RE-READ IT again and again. It’s the ONLY WAY for you to derive FULL IMPACT, as each time you re-read it, it reinforces the ideas into your mind and helps you stay on course and detoxify your brainwashed mind so that you can build powerful momentum. 

So the bottom line is, American and western women ROCK, and the way to attract them is for you to come out and play your highest game. I mean the word “game” in the very best sense of that word – that you give it your best with all your passion, and that you enjoy the process and bring up the entire game of those around you (the men and women around you are only made BETTER by interacting with you) in the process, in the same way Gretzky played his game. 

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Michael W.

What more needs to be said? There is one crucial difference between a Michael W. and a Pook. Pook is not asking for your money. Michael W. is.


Webmaster's note: The Book of Pook is a great book and a life changing read for many (including myself) but it is out of date with modern times.

It was written long before hookups, online dating, or even texting were a thing.

I highly recommend checking out The Seduction Bible. It is a modern and up to date resource.

Update: You now get The Complete Pook Collection (PDF Edition) as a part of The Seduction Bible Bundle.