“Immense Logistical Challenge”

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This is the exact phrase gamesindustry.biz used when Sony clarified its launch details for the PS3.

The original plan was for Sony to have six million per launch. Now, it is to have two million for launch, two million shipped by the end of the year, and two million after that by time of the end of the fiscal year.

What is more curious is that Sony did not deny Kaz’s statement that Sony hasn’t began manufacturing the PS3. Microsoft was at a similar position a year ago and we know what a disaster of production it had for the Xbox 360’s launch.

Keep in mind that the entire company of Sony is being bet on the PS3, this little game console. The whispers going around the business community are echoing the negativity many game sites have been going about. Since the games business is a momentum based industry, shortages could prove to be paralyzing to the entire console’s success. November will be an interesting as investors hold their breaths.