Live In the Talent

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Aristotle said that man has two peaks that are accompanied by intense pleasure: sexual intercourse and thinking. The human soul is a kind of ellipse and its phenomena are spread between its two foci that display our tropical variety and ambiguity.

This will be no surprise to those who understand sexual transmutation. The great salesman, as the great artist and great entrepreneur, tends to harness the sexual impulses not unlike a sailboat being powered by the wind. Transmutation also gives a reason for long term sexual relationship,

i.e. marriage, for the husband is transmuted in that his energy is more direct, his world caught up more in that ‘electric’ world that is created when we fall in love, and the wife the same. But what if we do not get who we love? Is all lost? We should put trust in His handiwork as Nature tends to work even when our misunderstandings say otherwise. Even with a lost love, the man (or woman) enters a transmuted state whose memory can be recalled on.

This elliptical nature between sexual intercourse and thinking should explain a seeming contradiction: why great men tend to seem simultaneously wild sexually yet celibate often. The cause and effect is not the intercourse but the state of high sexual being within the man. This high state of sexual being does lead to great thoughts and, also, does lead to sexual liaisons. The latter can, sometimes, destroy the former but not always. We can watch Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson do great things of thought while their highly charged sexual natures tended to lead them to various ladies’ beds. And to those greats that self-defined themselves as ‘gay,’ they don’t mean gay in the modern sense. They feared women would remove such transmutation from them and didn’t have such fear with men.

It also explains why great writers, thinkers, artists, and businessmen are ‘weird’ and ‘nuts’ to the general public. However, it is a grave mistake to correlate ‘weirdness’ and ‘nuts’ to greatness.

Most of the time, a nut is just a nut.

Freud saw only one focus in the soul, the same one as the brutes have, and had to explain all psychology’s higher phenomena by society’s repression. Freud didn’t really believe in the soul but in the body with its passive instrument of consciousness, the mind. It is a blunted vision of the higher phenomena as illustrated by his crude observations about art and philosophy. Freud is now mainstream. Not only are the pimps and sluts dressed in the higher elliptical clothes once reserved for aristocrats, they use Freudian language as explanation.

The context that sexual intercourse is the peak of our lives and Human existence, which it *has* to be if change over time is nothing but consistent gene swapping, creates Humans who, naturally, want to experience the peaks in life so therefore gravitate toward sexual intercourse for the sake of sexual intercourse. Young people, who for their lives only recognize that being controlled by nature is the march of progress, have not yet understood as older people do that nature must be harnessed. Most will never understand in their lifetimes.

So what is the problem in this? The higher state of the soul, the elliptical end from sexual intercourse, is what I identify as ‘talent.’ Everyone has talent, a yearning drive to do something than live a life of an animal. Even the pimps and sluts have this yearning as well. When context never allows the soul to reach for talent but only sexual intercourse, often in an environment where this context is dominant (such as the modern world today) or when sexual intercourse comes too early in life and cuts the cord to the elliptical talent above, knowledge is never sought yet the person is filled with ‘opinions.’

The event goes as follows:

-The young person either has a too soon sexual experience or too many that cements his context or he/she lives in an environment where the context is that the peak of human existence is sexual intercourse (and the ‘talent’ doesn’t exist).

-The cord to knowledge and the ‘talent’ are snipped. The person can become skilled and even smart and thrive in today’s economy. Yet, the person will never ever walk in the same realm that Bach, Plato, Shakespeare among others all did. They will walk past the ruins without wondering what went on (“And why should we, Pook?” Well, such wonder is what the Renaissance was all about).

-These snipped are literally so. They are sterile in the way of the soul. Even though their context is that the soul does not exist, they still long for something above the life of an animal. They desire their life to have meaning. At a young age, many think it will result in marriage and children. They realize this isn’t the case.

-The snipped then proceed to make their lives worth meaning. No one wants to live an empty life. Thus, they become the perfect fodder for mass movements as detailed by Eric Hoffer’s “True Believer” book be it Nazism, Communism, Environmentalism, Feminism, MGTOW, Christianity, nationalism, liberalism, conservatism, libertarianism, anarchism, and so on.

Interestingly, each and every person in the above says the exact same thing: “History will record our cause as true and just.”

-As they age, they become obsessed with history in either re-writing it “this is how it really happened!” or in pointing at it “this is a historic event!”

If one doesn’t want the above, then one needs to strive to live in the talent. Do not mistake to be LITT to mean seeing the elliptical opposite as destructive or that celibacy is the way. Living in the talent is all about being sexually charged and directing your energies to that talent. It does not mean not sleeping with women; it means not dedicating your life to sleep with women. It also means rejection of the context that sexual intercourse is the only peak of existence. It means striving towards excellence which is something bulls and geese cannot do (but even cattle can go their own way).

Talent already lives in you so you ought to live in the talent. No matter where you are, you’ll always feel at home.