Love as License

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If you are said to be doing something wrong in the Matriarchy, the solution is to wrap what you are doing as LOVE. Love has become the mythological wonder that no one can criticize or question.

If people are angry that you are marrying a foreign woman, do not tell them the ‘facts’ and why you are doing it. Instead, tell them you are in love.

Instead of apologizing for living a less glorious career instead of one that makes more money that you hate, say that you are doing what you LOVE. It always works.

If you have gone to court due to armed robbery, tell them how you committed the crime out of love (somehow, someway). You will easily be given a lesser charge.

If you are a female teacher having sex with a male student, tell them it was all about love. No one will question it and the courts will let you off.

If you are a politician and desire to raise taxes on everyone, tell them that you are doing it for the cause of love.

If you are a homosexual and desire laws to be changed and altered, pick up the cause of LOVE.

If you are a feminist and are pushing for worldwide sterilization and easy to access abortions, say how all of this is the pursuit of love.

If you are a slut, just say how you have a rich ‘love life.’

If you are a desperate housewife and want to cheat on your husband, again do it under the banner of love. Bridges of Madison Country have shown the way.

As you can plainly see, ‘love’ gives one a license to do almost anything. So when a woman begins to shame you about anything, bring love into the discussion somehow and someway. No woman will assault the magical wonder of ‘love’ because it is through that where they hold all their cards.