Men’s Projection Is Their Greatest Weakness

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Men and Women are different.

We say this, but then we go on. The biggest mistake men make is projecting themselves onto women. They think that because he feels romantic, that she does as well. So off go his thoughts into a sweet air of pageantry.

But what are the woman’s thoughts on the matter? They’re like a cold blooded accountant. Like I said, men and women are different. When a man goes off with his pageantry, his poetries, his odes of love, she waits for him to get done and then gets down to business. If a guy keeps on with this nonsense, she thinks he is a doofus and continues on.

Imagine if when you bought groceries, the buyer began talking romantically about the ‘green revolution,’ about how it is a modern marvel that we can enter a grocery store and find everything we need, of how glorious round the shape and size of the store’s melons, or the shapely way the pears are. The checker would be astonished if customers behaved such a way.

Who knew the key to understanding women would be found in the thought process of accounting?

The values we as men hold are completely different than the values women hold. The apex of a woman’s life would be something like relaxing in a hot bubble bath in an island paradise. But men prefer truth, ideals, and victory.

Good and evil do not exist in woman’s lexicon. She is far more utilitarian since ‘good’ and ‘evil’ means a more celestial divine standard. Women who use sexuality as a means to an end are perceived evil by men. But to women, it is perceived entirely differently. Women view the greatest sin as men STEALING the goods. Rape, not murder, not terrorism, not genocide, is the greatest of wrongs to them. It is because rape is in fact stealing their goods. With murder and terrorism, well, that kills mostly men so that is not that bad. But rape is almost always against women. Also, with Victorian zeal, the greatest of crimes is also sex predators (who are, curiously, almost all men). They are always displayed on the nightly news. They often get hit with paying for their crime double by, first, jail time and then being told where they can live and all. I can think of worse crimes than sexual predation such as murder. The reason why they chose sexual predation against the entire Church was, in their eyes, the worst of all crimes.

So why do women love murderers? Go to any prison and you will see beautiful women come and go. Again, men and women are different. When a man commits violence, men consider it ‘evil.’ Women do not. In fact, women consider violence to be confidence. If women did not think this way, then why do murderers have such hot girls? The truth points to itself.

It also explains a political mystery: why feminized politicians view outright dictators like Castro and Hussein as if they were not only legitimate heads of state but ‘confident’ heads of state. This brings up the question of Hitler, who is universally abhorred. The simple answer is that there needs to be ‘some’ sort of person to be hated. Anything these people ‘hate,’ they will instantly call ‘fascism’ (without using the word in its proper context). For example, Pook is ‘fascist’ for having this blog. Does that mean I am setting up a government to control people? …No. But Hitler makes a good person for the “Hate Minute” where everyone gathers, a picture of Hitler appears, and everyone starts ‘hating’ at the same time. There is so much association of this that anytime they, themselves, hate what someone says or does, that person is always made out to be Hitler.

Politics has always been corrupted. But politics became WEIRD when it got feminized. Centuries ago, American politicians would refer to concepts of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ without shame and refer to heaven and earth. But now politicians act like women. They talk too much, use symbolism over substance, focus on their appearance, are more interested in cliques than the will of the people, and prefer to be friends with folks in Washington than to please the district that sent them there in the first place.

And they think they are entitled to ALL your money and perceive themselves “generous” for keeping what you have. Just like women.