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There are many things I do not understand about life, but there is one thing I know with certainty: you cannot live your life through other people’s eyes. I believe most people trap themselves into a type of hollow life where they keep acting to please others…be it their girlfriends…their families…their employers…and forget about their soul. When your life is hollow…when it is soul-less…you are easily manipulated.

The most fascinating thing about people when they are manipulated is that they always think they are growing in power. The ultimate end of this evolution is the politician. People think politicians hold power, but they are easily manipulated and the greatest fools of all.

What fascinates me about modern marriage is that the ‘couple’ act more like politicians than like sexualized male and female beings. They even refer to servicing the “marriage” as if it were something like a state. I know it was not always like this. John Locke’s “Two Treatises of Government” concluded the concept of natural rights from the natural interactions of man and wife. But if these interactions are turned into political, should we be surprised when men are not seen as beings of natural rights?

Always trust your gut. Always follow your soul. Living your life for an ‘image’ (what many women and manipulated men tend to do) will lead you off the cliff. You will receive accolades but there will be no respect or achievement at the end.

When you follow your own soul, going your own way, you will become the ugly duckling. Employers will not want to hire you (and the same for potential girlfriends). But, if you don’t buckle, your ugly duckling nature can turn into a beautiful swan.

Most successful people do what 95% of others do not do. So by trying to appease that 95%, to live in their eyes, you’re already doomed on that path of failure.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people dare not to do: living by their own standards, not by someone else’s.