Solution to the Matriarchy

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Too many emails! Here is another…

Dr. Pook,

All this matriarchy business is a bit depressing. Your sosuave posts always left a nervous excitement in the stomach, but Pook’s Mill leaves an icy sinking in the stomach.

Perhaps both are awakenings, but to two different realities. One was pleasant and productive, the other perturbing and preventative.

I don’t know about you, but I had planned on getting married and having kids (in 5-10 years), but with these realities in my face, I wonder. I want kids, but I want them to grow up with both, their dad and their mom. I wonder is it possible to create a family the way I want? And if so, how? You suggest living one’s own way. And I agree. But certainly a man can do that, and get married and raise a family.

What’s your personal solution to the matriarchy problem? Wait until the laws change and I have gray hair? Marry a woman from another country? Then I’d have to move there too. What if that’s not in my plan? 

What’s a workable solution? …Is there a way to qualify or distinguish a woman with traits who would not turn into one of these horror stories? Then again, if I did, people change over time. Really, it’s unpredictable, isn’t it?

Do you plan to get married? Have kids? If so, do you know how you’ll approach it? And how? I’m curious.

My hope is not to discourage anyone or spread unhappiness but rather the opposite. I want to encourage people to go for their dreams and to be happy. This is the point of the Pookish Commandments in the first place. If you do not work for your own dreams, you’ll end up working for someone else’s.

I also hope that no one will take my word for what is going on. Rather, you begin to recognize it in your surroundings. A man marries a foreign woman and the women (and saps) begin saying the meanest things about this man. What crime or sin did this man commit? In an era of casual love and even homoerotic love, why do they care so intensely about this guy’s personal life?

Why the hate? Notice that there are new laws in place in America to restrict men from talking and marrying foreign women. Why?

You turn to the left, and you see frequent misandry on television. When asked about what you want in a girl, you say, “I want a girl who doesn’t have tattoos, has no baggage, doesn’t do drugs, and who enjoys being a female.” They will call you sexist. And just think, once upon a time women wore dresses.

You turn to the right, and you see young men who got married but are now fast getting bald and becoming fat. “What is happening!?” you wonder. But the stress and constant “lifestyle” wears a guy down. They lose sleep. Their eating habits degrade. They decide to work all the time because they would rather be at work than be home with wife and the kids. And they end up being total saps to the wife.

I hope everyone begins to recognize these things around them. Once you see it, I think it is much much harder to fall into the Matriarchy trap. In the same way, once we realized the Nice Guy WAS the pathetic twerp that he was we were freed, for the most part, from Nice Guyius Loseramongus.

I find talking about feminists and domineering females boring but necessary. This is why you’ll see some blog posts about it but then, immediately afterward, I change the subject. I’d rather talk about the Mill or put up humorous things. I’ve seen too many guys destroyed by divorce and paralyzed by a bad marriage.

As for myself, I am going to continue to follow my dreams and hopefully create a financial system around those dreams. If your work involves doing what your passion is, you win (as then it ceases to be work). I am not looking for a solution to The Way as in looking for some foreign woman to fulfill everything. My views became solidified a year and a few months ago when I buried some close friends. Life is short. None of us is getting younger. And while there is too much to do in a life, choose to follow your dreams.

The best solution and prevention to the Matriarchy is to increase your soul. I have found those who get trapped in the Matriarchy do so by becoming literally soulless. They have no passion in life. And if you look at those who have the strongest souls, they are the movers and shakers of the world and history.

Even more interesting is when women they think of me as a sex object but soon shy away from a full relationship. Why? They see Pook as a sex object because he works out, doesn’t supplicate, and so on. But they shy away once they realize that Pook isn’t going to drop everything in his life just to become a wage slave (to get the house, then SUV, then the kids, and so on). As Mirror of the Soul says, when a woman wants to marry you just say, “Wonderful! Then I will retire from my job and stay at home while you work.” The face that appears on the women is interesting because they know they cannot manipulate you, you see through that. They almost always move on.

I will marry when I meet a woman who lets me be who I am and who doesn’t seek power over me. There is no rush. Women have a shelf life. Men do not. Women only have a few summers until they begin to age drastically. Men age well. When single, men look younger than their age. After the age of 25, the odds shift to a man’s favor. Women realize that they are going to age and begin to search for a guy to marry.

What is infuriating is how many women respond to men going their own way by, at first, rampant shaming and then, second, psychoanalyzation. “If you had a wonderful girlfriend, you would not say such things!” or some other nonsense. If the women would join us in removing these penalizing laws and cleaning up the family court, things would be much more productive. (Many women get very nervous at this talk because they know there is some truth in it.) I am not asking women to love us. I am asking they only be not allowed to hang us. No one should have the power to financially devastate another or send them to prison on false charges.

Pook whispers: Psst, there is a hidden Men’s Rights Activist who is a major MAJOR media figure in America. He is not a member of Generation X or Y either. He has softly said the same things but immediately stopped when women began asking questions. He already has enough political knives coming at him; no need to add more.