Take Being Called “Gay” as a Compliment

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It is common for single men to be declared to be “gay” by women (who often giggle when they say it). Do not be angry with this ‘slur’ on you. Rather, look at it for what it is.

When a woman asks if you are ‘gay,’ she is thinking about you sexually. In other words, she and other women are willing to have sex with you. However, you are not pursuing them and this annoys them. Women tend to project themselves onto men: hence we become dumb, stupid, sex- crazed creatures in their eyes.

Also, women never get ‘rejected.’ If a man doesn’t ask them out, the problem HAS to be with him. It cannot be a problem with her. So she will easily say, “HE MUST BE GAY” rather than say, “HE REJECTED ME!” One can have fun and turn this around on women. If a woman doesn’t have a boyfriend because she is picky or something ask if she is gay. Watch the fireworks.

If you look good and appear worthy, women will yearn for you. If you appear nonchalant, women will accuse you of being ‘gay.’ Take this in stride! You are on their minds and dreams, but they have no influence over you. You have beaten them at their little game. You have reversed the usual of hot girl being disinterested in the guys but the guys having much interest in her.

While looking up famous bachelors in history, I have noticed a peculiar situation. Is it possible for a man to be great and choose to remain a bachelor? I think this is very possible and quite probable. However, academics do not believe it is possible. If a man is single and great, he must, in some way, be a repressed homosexual.

Before people shout out ‘conspiracy-to-feminize-everything,’ I have another theory. The reason why most female scholars say this is because of something rooted in female behavior. There are many reasons why a great man could not marry (provided if he desired to). These things include:

-A man is too eccentric to be the usual husband for a wife.

-A man is too ugly which women find grotesque.

-Women just don’t plain like him.

None of these possibilities are given. If a great man didn’t marry, there is only one possibility given: because he chose not to. And he chose not to because he was not attracted to females. He was a repressed homosexual!

Gentlemen, have you ever obtained every woman you wanted? The universal answer is “No.” Men do get rejected as all of us are aware. So why isn’t this possibility given? Why is the only answer: “Repressed homosexual!!!?”

The answer, I believe, is that there is a hidden knowledge that women will, eventually, attempt to marry this ‘great man.’ If these men lived under a bridge, we would hear nothing about it. But these ‘great men’ were writers, artists, philosophers, and warriors, they were above average. And as women age, the less picky they get. Eventually, these guys will have women who desire them…rather, women who desire to have power over them. And since the means for a man to be manipulated is through his sexual desire, if these men refused to be married, then obviously they had no sexual desire! Obviously they were gay!

This seems to be the pattern these academics use when proclaiming that there can be no such thing as a ‘great man who remained a bachelor.’ It is revealing that women marry for totally different reasons than men do. These female scholars, not understanding men, only assume they had to be gay.

Being called ‘gay’ frequently by women, I had the opposite problem that the only reason why they want to be with me is because of sexual reasons. Many would say, “How can one complain about this?” But do you know how sad it is that women aren’t interested in having a connection in any other way (at least, in most of my experiences). They know I am not a Nice Guy to be lorded over. I don’t exactly match the jerk ‘bad boy’ that needs to be tamed. I fit the more ‘hot mysterious guy who isn’t paying women the attention they are entitled to.’

It is SAD that many women develop no inner lives. It is SAD that many women live a life of illusion. But what is worse is that these women are incapable of sharing my interest in these others things (hence, they can never be truly ‘friends’). I feel annoyed and alienated by this constant materialism and lack of any interest outside of pop-culture from these ‘women.’ I don’t associate with these girls because I, honestly, don’t have anything in common with them. They label me “GAY!!!!” as I am not going sexually crazy over them, but for, say, a potential wife you are looking for some better qualities in her than a roll in the hay. Do they understand this? I don’t think they do.

On Sosuave many guys resorted to techniques and (supposed) manipulation? I believe a better approach is to keep the focus on you and to build, and improve, your own life. I still believe this today. However, most women are absurdly trapped by techniques and manipulation. All of this gives them the illusion of power of men. A woman not focused on manipulation is to be one girl plucked out of ten thousand.

Feminists accuse men of using sex as ‘power’ because that is precisely what women do. Gentlemen, which do you find more common? Is it women who are interested in meeting a guy and seeing if they are truly compatible? Or is it a woman interested in finding some sort of trophy and manipulating that to make their friends jealous?

Men and women define ‘love’ differently. We know how men mean it. But women see love as the key to power. This is why you never say “I love you” to a woman because, in their ears, they are hearing, “You have total power over me.”

Men conquer worlds. But women conquer men. The ‘great men who remained bachelors’ must be re-written in history as ‘suppressed homosexuals’ because I don’t believe most women honestly understand a man’s desire to understand and conquer a world. If no woman is able to conquer you, especially if you become ‘great,’ they assume this is because you were immune to their leverage over you (sexual interest) so that you had to be ‘gay.’ No other possibility is considered.

Women don’t have a clue what men are and what we can do. Our destiny, in their eyes, is only to be a dumb work-horse working to buy material goods. That’s a shame. If women ruled, the great arts would be totally ignored. Great literature would be mocked. Everything in the Humanities would become…meaningless. Even other fields would be affected such as the sciences with absurdities that focus on ‘understanding and conquering people’ rather (the social sciences) than Nature itself (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, etc.).

And this is exactly what happened.