The Animated Life

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Have you noticed that some people are more ‘animated’ than others? Most people live as if their flesh is a cage. There is nothing electric coming from them. They hold no charisma. They are…dull.

Here is a revealing experiment. Take people and make them do a speech. Now, many people despise public speaking. They fear public speaking more than death!!! So when they get to the podium, they begin talking about their chosen subject. Their talk is very cold, very dull.

Everyone in the room begins to glaze at the room and daydream hoping that this speech is over. When it does, everyone awakes with the polite ‘clap.’

Change the assignment that instead of talking about a specific subject, the people talk about themselves. Since everyone apparently loves themselves, people suddenly become very animated and won’t shut up! You have to force them from the podium! But what a turn-around! What a change from those dull, dreadful, dumb speakers earlier.

The difference between the unanimated speaker of before and the animated speaker later was not a series of ‘techniques’ (such as breathing deeper or longer, or talking in a more forceful tone).

The difference was that the speaker was BEING WHO HE WAS. We already have natural charisma and energy within us: it is called the soul. When we are who we are, we spread the wings of our soul and the energy just radiates. While this example is easily seen with public speaking, it works with life as well. The interesting, charismatic people aren’t reading manuals on how to live life. They are being who they are.

“But what if you are a bumbling, boring bum, Pook? Are you telling me that is what I should be?” No! Being who you are is being what your soul is. I highly doubt anyone’s soul desires to be a boring bum. Like the rest of us, you went through childhood with dreams of adventure and victory. If you notice, children are very electric and animated in play. Why shouldn’t they be?

They are being who they are. And by letting your soul out of its self-made prison, you begin to focus on your dreams, your passion, and your goals. Your life becomes spontaneous and animated. People will wonder where all this energy came from. But you now have the energy of the child at play for the world is now your sandbox.

Men trapped in the Matriarchy are often dull, bored, and go around with tired eyes. Men outside the Matriarchy are living their dreams (instead of women’s dreams) and so are full of energy (along with several cute girls eyeing them).

When you ARE WHO YOU ARE, your life becomes more animated. *GASP* People will begin to ask YOU for advice on ‘how to live.’ When you tell them, “BE WHO YOU ARE!” and receive a puzzled look from them, don’t worry, I know how it feels.