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Have you noticed how uptight people are these days? It is not so much a ‘political correctness’ as it is everyone becoming uptight (and using political correctness as their ‘reasoning’). If someone makes a joke about something I believe, I try to laugh at it too. I don’t see the point of going nuclear on the person.

Feminists are the most humorless people ever. They cannot take a joke and are filled with rage and hatred. Most politicized people are like this.

Even with everyday things do people tend to be uptight. If their food is served at the restaurant a few minutes late, they make a scene and storm out. Or if a guy sees something that is REALLY stupid and remarks, “Damn, that is so gay!” a political jihad is launched against the fellow for hatred and insensitivity. Schwarzenegger once called the outbursts from the California legislature as “girlie men” and, boy, they just got even more outraged. I hear that the uptight people are trying to fan flames on Schwarzenegger’s ‘hot blood’ jokes with his staff.

“I am outraged!” We should call these people The Outraged. They just march around looking for something to be outraged about. They declare war over a molehill and their issues are like straws compared to the boulder events the era pushes on us.

That said, I think there are only a few issues worth getting worked up about…

1) Penalizing laws- These include the divorce laws, the stupid sexual harassment laws, corrupt family courts, and so on. No law is preferable than bad law. Western women do not have to love western men, but they should at least be unable to financially and legally destroy men. No person, male or female, should have such powerful legal leverage over someone else.

2) Taxes and things of this Nature- You cannot dodge a direct tax. My chest swells with pride when, several years ago, the legislature of Tennessee decided they needed more money so they were going to raise taxes (state didn’t have an income tax at that point I think). While the legislature debated it, the people decided to give their say so. They marched the capitol, stormed the legislative palace, and made so much noise and ruckus that the politicians abandoned all talks.

3) Blasphemy- I consider it the lowest taste to assault someone’s faith. Disagreement and debate is one thing, mockery is another. There was a group that held a play where the actors enacted Jesus and the twelve apostles all having a gay orgy. The play director seemed stunned that people would find offense at this. “Don’t be religious extremists!” the play director yelled. But those aren’t the religious extremists. I pointed her to the rioting Muslims (over a simple cartoon of Muhammed) and said, “Those are the religious extremists.” Historically, people fought wars over their religion. You would think common courtesy and historical practicality would have these people know not to stick a twig in the biggest hornet’s nest there is. No other religion tolerates such mockery: Hindusim, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, and the rest. These people are spoiled on the easy tolerance Christians have and are surprised when Muslims slit their throats for even the most lighthearted mockery.

4) Ruining education- People can sell garbage as art if they want. But when they try to say that “we are as good as musician as Bach is today” I just have to laugh. There are some, who write in poor iambic pentameter, and think they are as good as Shakespeare. Everyone believes they are the next ‘great artist’. If they want to live in a fantasy, go ahead. But changing the very definition of art and saying, “All those skills the artists learned up until the nineteenth century… let us forget about those and learn Modern Art instead.” This butchery towards the Humanities ought to be opposed.

What amazes me that if I stand up and fight those four things, I am declared ‘uptight’ by The Outraged!!! “Why are you so uptight? You should just accept the marriage laws and try to find a good partner.” You have better odds with Russian Roulette (and less pain too). “Why should you oppose… say… higher property taxes? It is for the public good! Don’t be so uptight!” It is not uptight looking after the Pook good. There is no such thing as the ‘public good’. The only reason why they want more of Pook’s money is so politicians can become famous. We are just peons to them. “Don’t be so uptight! Let us mock the gods with great zeal!” My dear, you are dancing on thin ice. But mockery is one thing, outright lies disguised as truth is another. Why should any faith allow lies about it to be spread? Makes no sense to me. “Art is anything I say it is! Don’t be so uptight!” Then stop the hostility to the classics.

You have to pick your battles in life. Pretty much everything political isn’t worth getting worked up about. I feel sorry for those whose happiness depends on what goes on in Washington (such as who gets elected, what bill gets debated, etc). The Outraged not only get uptight on all the wrong and lighthearted things (do you ever see Feminists laugh? Do you ever see these Outraged smile and enjoy life?), but they are passive on things that are worth getting angry about. A feminist saying “Stop being so uptight. Just marry, don’t try change the law” is like Jim Crow telling blacks, “Don’t be uptight! The law will always be what it is. Make sure you do not offend the White Man, and you should be OK.”