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It was written long before hookups, online dating, or even texting were a thing.

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Now, as you may be aware, Portugal was under the Salazarist dictatorship till ’74. Although there were many problems with this regime way of thinking and acting, such as extreme censorship, one of the things held in a high place by those times were the Family (the State motto was: God, Motherland, Family). It was only when the Salazarist State was taken away of the Power by the military that the Feminist wave truly invaded Portugal.

Since then, feminism is growing. I have never been to the States, but judging from everyone way of speaking about American women, I guess where in a better situation than you, american folks.

Anyways, we also have some trouble with feminist and feminized guys. From what I’m able to draw from my experiences, the teachers who were influenced by the feminist wave post-’74 are rottening my young peers.

In our school newspaper, I came across an article wrote by a sophomore. The article’s theme was the ‘Women Day’. Now, what I read wasn’t something masked by the ‘let’s have the same rights’. It was an article proclaiming that women were actually better than men. It even dared to said that women were the ones who sustained the Westen economy during WW II, doing the men’s jobs. Don’t get me wrong, Pook, they worked hard and deserve some praise. But, beg my pardon, while women were working, their men where DYING in the war, ensuring women’s safety.

I was sickened, after reading that. Men were being bashed, like that, in a school. No wonder Western society is where it is.

95% of my teachers are female. So, you already may know what I’m about to say. They are constantly benefiting my female colleagues, and ocasionally remembering us that women are better than boys. Boys get no attention in this female educational system. Besides, all of Portuguese Educational system sucks now, thanks to some ‘corrections’ in the educational system, but that’s a whole new subject.

Can you imagine how hard it is to hear my Portuguese teacher always whining about how hard it is to be a women? The female poets are always the ‘women who suffered a lot and fight the evil Patriarchy’. C’mon, I don’t want to know about poetry a women wrote just because *gasp* it was written by a woman (even when it has no merit in it’s own, in most of the cases). But that’s how it goes. In some books we study, if the main character is a female, she only talks to the females, asking ‘You, as women who can understand the main character problems, what do you think?’. What are we, males, some dumb-heads who can’t understand society’s problems? She complains about boys not caring about her classes. Why should they? She is only ‘educating’ females. In that classes, women are always above man.

Now, enough of ranting. I feel sickened and disgusted by all this feminist crap that is taking over everything around me. Oh, how I wanted to write a reply to that men-bashing article. How I wanted to stand up in my Philosophy classes and say ‘Women are not who you saying they are’. I feel emprisioned by this system that praises females and leaves males behind.

I truly want to stand against this, but I know what the consequences will be: teacher’s despise and my female colleagues’ despise too. Do I have to eat this crap every single day, every single class? Now, I don’t care about what teachers think about me. I do great in tests, either they like me or despise me. But I don’t want to be seen like the ‘anti-women’ guy.

So, Pook, what’s your take in this? Should men stand up and say, without the anonymous safety, what they truly think? Should I say what I think to everyone, and take the consequences of it? Or should I shut up and continue eating this crap? If this is my choice, I think that the only thing available thing (wich is the one I’ve done so far) to fight this feminism stupidity, is acting like a man free of the Matriarchy, and give an example to my peers, who in such an young age worship women like some goddesses, as you use to say.

Women and governments may take your money, they may take your time, but never let them take your joy. Whenever you feel joy and happiness, consider that a victory and an accomplishment. Never let anyone have the power over you to take away your joy or to cause you to anger. This is hard, but it makes the following easier.

I’ve noticed with both politicians and feminists, they desire to be taken seriously. If you stand, give a huge oration with all the ways how they are wrong, they will be smirking in the back. What they cannot handle is being laughed at. They cannot handle being made fun of. Humor, not political essays, will be the Men’s Movement greatest weapon (as it entertains, it educates, attracts new people, and rips people to ribbons). No one hates the funny man.

As a happy and joy-filled Pook, when someone is saying something STUPID like chanting feminism or some other garbage, I do not get angry and try to correct them or say something. I do something more devestating. I laugh.

They stop talking and look at me wondering why I have broken into laughter. I just look shy, raise my hand, and say, “Oh, I’m sorry, continue on.” If they continue on with their nonsense, I just break out into more laughter. They will then usually ask what is so funny. This is it. They are giving you the opportunity to explain why you are laughing. Explain why what they are saying is so absurd and silly that you just can’t help but laugh. (If they don’t ask you to explain, you can excuse yourself from the room because you are laughing too hard which is also a win . You don’t have to hear that nonsense as you exit the room and your disapearance has everyone wondering.) Keep in mind this laughter must be genuine. If you fake this, you’ll just end up looking stupid.

Laughing at them because their ideas are so absurd will be better in a tactics sense than getting angry and being ‘serious’ with them for these reasons:

-You cannot be considered a hateful, bitter kill-joy…

You are filled with so much joy that you are laughing at them. Humor comes from a position of strength, not weakness. The reason why women instictively shrug off men’s “serious dissertations” on feminist beliefs is because you come off to them as ANGRY. But with this, you aren’t ANGRY, you are TICKLED and laughing.

-By laughing, you consider their ideas so preposterous that they are not worth debating.

Never argue with an idiot. Why? It is because people forget to tell which is which. You become seen just as stupid as the idiot. By laughing, you are challenging them to present their ideas as worthy. Instead of getting angry at the article of women working in factories during World War 2 being better than men dying in battle, just laugh at them. You cannot debate illogic with logic. But you can laugh it out of existence.

Since you are in the University, you are going to be captive to lots of feminist garbage. Choose your battles wisely. Humor and wit will be your greatest weapons.

Optimism and humor are the grease and glue of life. Without both of them we would never have survived our captivity. (from a Vietnam POW)

Humour is the weapon of unarmed people: it helps people who are oppressed to smile at the situation that pains them. (Simon Wiesenthal)

Only laughter can blow [a colossal humbug] to rags and atoms at a blast. Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand. (from Mark Twain’s “The Mysterious Stranger”)

Webmaster's note: The Book of Pook is a great book and a life changing read for many (including myself) but it is out of date with modern times.

It was written long before hookups, online dating, or even texting were a thing.

I highly recommend checking out The Seduction Bible. It is a modern and up to date resource.

Update: You now get The Complete Pook Collection (PDF Edition) as a part of The Seduction Bible Bundle.