Illegal Immigration: Serfs for Feminists

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In politics, issues come and go. However, there comes a time when an issue does not sit squarely on a single political side, yet, the issue is huge. The issue is so big that, unless addressed, it gives rise to a third party candidate to disrupt the status quo. In American politics we have severalĀ each century.

Illegal immigration is that issue today. Whichever party seizes control of the issue will be awarded at the detriment of the other.

There is reason to believe that Illegal Immigration is actually a feminist issue. Aside from the legality issue, these aliens from Mexico (and other parts south) are paid very low wages and given jobs that most native Americans won’t find attractive (the rhetoric strangely matches what the Confederacy South said about slaves being the ‘backbone’ of the economy and how everything would crumble without them). The Media does say this. But this is what the Media does not say:

The native Americans who will not do the jobs these aliens do are women. American men are easily found building houses, working farms, doing lawns, and so on. I know this because I have been doing these jobs my entire life. I have worked in the slaughterhouse, in the fields, and, yes, even lawns. This is one of the reasons why I went to college was for the aim to NOT do those things anymore. Many men I know do all these things. Without a doubt, I am sure the agriculture industry as well as others is using illegal immigrants for their purposes. But it cannot be said that American men will not do such harsh blue collar work.

What about the American women? Have you ever seen American women clean up hotels, do someone else’s laundry, or be a janitor? If I ever do, it is very poor women, and they are often black. It is surprising that American women would clean their own households let alone someone else’s.

The reason why illegal immigration is so prevalent today in America is because of Feminism. Feminists NEED these aliens. I am not the only one to say this. How Serfdom Saved Feminism.

Women, spoiled by chivalry, literally do believe they are nobility. And what does nobility need but a permanent underclass? By altering schools’ language and decreasing standards, these aliens will not learn English and can never rise out of their underclass status (strangely, these changes were said to ‘help’ them yet how can you work at anything well in America without knowing English and having a grasp of the environment?) This new underclass is there for self-serving reasons. Feminism needs illegal immigration because feminists must have nannies.

Remember NannyGate? During the Clinton Administration, Clinton apparently wanted a ‘woman’ to be the head of the Department of Justice. So the woman is chosen, and she is sent to the Senate for the confirmation hearings. During the hearings, it is discovered that the nominee had a nanny. And, it was uncovered that the nominee did not pay the nanny’s social security.

“What!” cried the Senate. “We cannot have, as the head of the Department of Justice, someone who does not pay the Social Security of their employee nanny!” So that nominee was toast.

Clinton sent up another nominee. And, again, the nanny issue came up. And, just as before, it was discovered that the woman did not pay the nanny’s social security.

So Clinton put up Janet Reno, a woman who had no chance of having children. By having no NannyGate issue, Janet Reno was able to pass the Senate’s eye.

My point is that you cannot have career women without having all these nannies. And most American women are not going to be someone else’s nanny. They will not work the hotel rooms. I have a sister in law who has a nanny even though she “works” half a day…at home! My goodness! Back in the old days before electricity, how did we get by if women today must have nannies?

While illegal immigration has appeared before such as forty and twenty years ago, there is something very obvious that, today, illegal immigration is very much desired by feminists. If feminism was intellectually sound, they would protest how female aliens were being ‘exploited.’ But you hear not a word except to say how they are ‘super workers.’

“It is too bold for you to tie together illegal immigration and the Matriarchy!”

Is it? Well then. During the latest renewal of the Violence Against Women Act, interesting amendments were included. One strangely bashed certain websites and recommended censoring (such as and (!)). But the big change was putting legal obstacles for men bringing in foreign brides and legal obstructions on legitimate businesses that link such men to these women.

Why is the government putting legal obstacles for these foreign women but not the usual aliens from Mexico? It is because Feminists do not like those foreign women but they DO like the usual aliens. After all, that underclass lets them go play ‘career woman.’ I actually think this unequal use of the law could be challenged in court under the Fourteenth Amendment. In fact, the entire VAWA could be challenged on it. But with many judges female and almost all the male judges married, it wouldn’t hold a prayer.

So when I see an alien working a job as a cook, cleaner, or nanny, I smile when I hear: “Americans won’t do the jobs these wonderful aliens will do.” They are right. American women would not. No wonder Feminists love illegal immigration.