Matriarchy Behind the U.S. Immigration Bill

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The flaw of the Democratic Representation is that politicians will ignore long term problems for short term gains. Everyone is familiar with politicians kicking cans down the road so they can get elected today. But, ironically, sometimes this happens in reverse.

To my non-US readers, the U.S. Immigration Bill in Congress would effectively grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. With a stroke of a pen, Congress does have power to turn non- citizens into citizens. They have done this before about twenty years ago and before that. It is said that if any illegal immigrant is allowed to get into America, then they are ‘clear’ since, eventually, amnesty will come.

The political swirls are interesting here. One would think the Republican Party would be against such a bill due to the conservative base being against illegal immigration and, certainly, amnesty. Yet, President Bush and other major Republicans are leading the charge. Conservative base in America found out what was going on and probably hammered their representative hard because, suddenly, the bill fell apart.

In politics, when a bill falls apart, usually Congress moves on. Not this time. Extraordinary efforts are being moved to resurrect the bill and get it passed from both parties. But politicians in conservative districts are being heavily influenced to back out. And they are because they won’t win the next election without those votes.

So why is this bill so important? The first graph shows why. The second shows how.

Aging baby boomers will create a nightmare in Social Security and Medicare. No politician will mention this, but they need all these new immigrants to be made citizens so they can begin making more taxes.

So how is Matriarchy involved? Who makes up the majority of Social Security and Medicare users? Women. (Men die too fast.) They could raise the age of Social Security. They could put on many fixes. But there are also other Matriarchy issues with the Amnesty issue.

Third World Labor saved Feminism. Often, women will work and pay these immigrants to be their nannies. In the early nineties, there was something called “Nanny Gate.” Clinton wanted the Head of the Justice Department to be a woman. The first woman went up to the Senate (since Senate must confirm each cabinet post) and, lo and behold, when she paid the nanny she did not pay the nanny’s social security cost! Alas! So Clinton dropped her and put up another woman.

And, again, when she paid her nanny she did not pay for Social Security. Noticing the pattern, Clinton then got a woman who wouldn’t have a child so there would be no nanny gate. Which woman would you guess, by looking at her, would never have a child? Yep, Janet Reno.

Agriculture and Textile industries are also heavily for the Immigration Bill (for the reasons you would expect). But, ultimately, the real reason for the dogged insistence of this bill is that it is believed it will help stop the upcoming Boomer retirement recession (which will be mostly women).