Are men allowed to have any standards in women?

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This is a question I find myself asking women. Women believe men only have one standard for women: their ‘hotness.’ (Sometimes, these women think their personal standards are the same that men use. These women will focus on a career without realizing men are not attracted to that.)

What is strange is that these standards are not absurd or ‘movie-star’ quality. These are simple standards our parents and grandparents had. Here are the common ones of men.

For your reading pleasure:

Italics: the standard.

Text: the El Pooko.

Bold: Feminist replies.

A woman who does not have children already.

Why would a man want to marry a woman who already has children?

Men need to step up to the responsibility of being fathers to these single mothers’ kids.

A woman whose focus is on a family instead of a career.

The Forbes article already shows the responses to this.

What!? You want women to be barefoot and pregnant? 1950s are over, baby! You will accept career women OR ELSE!

A woman who can cook.

Century and more ago, a less attractive woman with superior cooking skills was an attractive deal. Many girls tried to “wow” guys with their cooking skills (and still do the same today). A man might find superior dining to be a better deal than looks which often fade.

Why don’t the men cook for her? This is a standard back when men use to oppress us poor women.

A woman who is modest.

Most men don’t want a woman who dresses like a slut (as a wife). Yet, this standard is seen as ‘insisting to control women.’ Huh?

Foolish Pook! You should not judge women based on what they wear (despite us doing it to males). Any stigma or standard based on how women should be dressed shall be construed as oppression to all women!!!

 A YOUNG woman. 

This is biology at work. Men prefer young fertile women. Children do not emerge from old women.

This is hatred at work. Men prefer young women because they want to conquer and control the poor little girl. They are intimidated by older women because we are STRONG WOMEN.

Women who are not bossy. 

Who wants to be around an unpleasant personality?

You just need to be able to handle a ‘strong woman.’ 

Are men allowed to have ANY standards in women? It appears that the only standards allowed are the ones that women choose for us.

What fascinates me is that men do not attempt to change the standards women hold for men. Rather, men become a pretzel to remold themselves to fit what women want (and still lose anyway). Here are a few of the standards women have for their men:


Well dressed

Good job/ has money

Can socialize, has a social network Handsome

Sweet Confident Funny

Wants to be a Good Man Etc.

When women express their interest in tall men, you do not hear men protesting that they should like short women. You do not hear men say women should cease looking for men with good jobs and start looking for bums (rather, they protest the expectation of super-riches which very very few people ever have). No man says that women ought to accept unconfident men, or boring men, and so on.

And certainly, men do not throw themselves at the Legislative Palace to enforce their sexual will into law.

On dating forums (such as sosuave), there is endless discussion of what women want, how women think, how do men get them, and so on. But absolutely no one would say: “Let us demand that women totally change their standards for men.”

Yet, western women do this to men all the time. Women say: “You are not allowed to have those standards.”

Why must men adjust their standards but not vice versa? This is why I ask: “Are men allowed to have any standards?” You cannot brainwash the men to desire something they naturally would not (although they try).