95-5 Rule is Bunk

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There is a saying on Men’s Movement sites that 95% of the women go for 5% of the men. These 5% of the men are famous, wealthy, players, or thugs. And, of course, the ‘Nice Guys’ rot in ‘hell.’

There are two major glaring problems with the 95-5 rule.

First, it is based on a wrong premise. Women do not *choose* the men…ever. Women do not ask out guys. They do not pay for dates. They can flirt and do that type of thing to persuade a guy.

But every part of the relationship is controlled by the guy. It is men who ask out the girl. It is men who pay for the dates. It is men who propose.

Women do not propose to men. They also do not normally ask them out. So it makes sense to say that the *choice* women have is only limited to the access of men they can flirt with and/or the guys already interested. Only from them may they choose. (Of course, women think their ‘pool’ of suitors is higher than ever because women do not know the difference between a man interested in her for fifteen minutes versus a man interested in her for a lifetime.) So how can there be any 95-5 rule if women are not the real choosers?

The second error is that the 95-5 rule applies to men more than women. In order to be a man it takes rational and soulful choice. In order to be a woman is to just simply have a face. Women want men for marriage which limits their selection rather permanently unlike men’s desires for women who a beauty can be tossed from one guy to another. There are far less wealthy and famous men than there are beautiful young women.

On the Internet or in passing, when one says “girlfriend” or “wife,” one easily imagines the type of girl he would think would fit that role (often a young beautiful agreeable creature). However, the majority of girlfriends and even wives are anything but young, beautiful, and agreeable.

When you see an old or fat woman, you do not think of her as a woman. The only women that show up on men’s radars are the young, pretty ones. The 95-5 rule is a mirror image of how men are to women, not women are to men.

A better way to think of it is this way: Do you believe there is too much sex out there or too little? If you said little, then no matter what else you say or do, you will be in a world of little sex. However, if you think there is too much sex out there, somehow, the world will reflect that and, you will see it everywhere. This works the same with money. Those who believe there is too little money around remain poor. Those who believe there is too much money out there become rich.

I believe in the 100 – 0 rule. “What rule is this, Pook?” Why, it is simple. You either are flooded with women or want none. You see a world full of girls or you don’t see any at all. If you have already decided that 95-5 is the law of the universe, then that is what you will only see. But the reality isn’t 95-5 due to the two main problems mentioned above.