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51: 49!

Dealing with women is often like dealing with a casino. Mermaid-like, they beckon men to them with the promise of untold happiness and pleasure yet the odds are always stacked in the favor of the house. Just like how a casino has an ‘atmosphere’ of “jackpots,” of people “getting lucky,” there is a ‘romance’ about with people coming in and winning the game. Some enter the casino to just have a fun time playing but many come to win. Yet, the house always wins.

A young man getting married or investing significant time with a woman is like spinning the wheel or throwing the dice. So caught up are they with the atmosphere of the casino and the crowds saying, “Bet more! Bet more!” they ignore their instinct and stop thinking. Caught up in the rush, they play their cards.

…And they lose. Even the players eventually lose if they keep playing too long. The House always wins.

The solution is to obey the 51: 49 principle.

We make decisions everyday about everything (including deciding not to make a decision at all which counts as a decision). 51: 49 principle states that over time, the balance of good and bad choices will even itself out to 51 percent good and 49 percent bad choices.

“But Pook!” you say. “That is a horrible average. It should be 65: 35 or so.” Sure, you hope the good decisions in your life will end up being in the 90s or 80s percent. But the POINT is for it to be 51 percent and above.

When it comes to women in the Anglosphere, men are used to being on the 49 side (where women are used to being on the 51 side). Sure, you don’t win all the time. But women win FAR more often than men do. Nice Guys take the 49 side as “normal” (whereas they are probably more like on the 12 percent side of winning if that). What many speed seducers do not want you to know is that they also fail more than they succeed which can put them over to the 49 side.

Casinos work on the idea that most gamblers will push their luck beyond the point of 51:49 and end up on the wrong side of the formula. Because of this, the House will tend to win more times than it loses.

The same is true of women in the Anglosphere. They are counting on men to be gamblers and for them to push their luck beyond the point of 51: 49 to end up on the wrong side of the formula.

This is why women tend to win more time than lose in their dealings with men.

Most men in matters of love, so used to being on the 49 side and tasting the sour of defeat more than the sweetness of victory, become conservative with risk. They will excuse themselves from the opportunity to learn from their mistakes or to see the casino for what it really is. This, in turn, loads the dice against them making the correct choices in the future despite the game becoming more and more loaded with “money and time” (what a man bets with).

The result is that men become trapped in an ever decreasing circle and find themselves boxed in and unable to move at all. Men being boxed in with the perception that they have increasingly limited choices, is it any surprise that they willingly part with their money to coaches, mentors, and counselors to guide them from the maze of dead-end options to discover what life was like when it was a simple matter of making a choice?

There are many different branches of the Men’s Movement. Like it or not, there are many men who use the Movement like a blanket where they can pretend they are never wrong (“All of society is against me!”). Others use it for their basket of conspiracies (“The water is being poisoned with estrogen to feminize all men!”). Some are frustrated financially and creatively with their lives and simply use the Movement as a means to vent their frustrations (mass movements attract those who are frustrated with their own lives). And, of course, there are those who really have suffered injustice, those who have had their kids and wealth taken from them, those who want to stand up against unjust laws, and others who just want to stand up for masculinity.

Let us welcome the 51: 49 branch. Those who welcome the 51: 49 have their object to be on the 51 side, not on the 49 side as most men are stuck in. Sometimes their success could be 85% or so, but the point is to be winning more than losing. I reject marriage simply because it is on the 49 side. Dealing with women on MY terms, for example, puts me in the 51 category. I don’t lose with women; they lose with me. I turn the House rules against itself, and they stand shocked that I am winning more and more. Sometimes the House wins but not majorly and not in a way to knock me to 49.

Men will be shocked because they are used to the House winning all the time, of being 49. Women will be shocked because they KNOW the House is supposed to win all the time that men are not supposed to be at 51 or higher.

When you deal with women, ask yourself, “Is this a 51 action or a 49 action?” Having a relationship with a 30+ year old woman would be a 49 action. You WILL lose eventually. Having a relationship with a 21 year old is often more of a 51 action. You WIN almost any way it turns out.

Women have been playing the 51: 49 game for quite some time, and they are very good at it. This is why women will not risk or gamble to put themselves into the 49 zone. This is why men must make all the risks, all the moves, because smart girls do not gamble past their 51 zone. If she messes up, she becomes even more risk averse and makes the game become 61: 39. If you want to know why older women can become more demanding, there you go.

“Why are you single?”

Men Going Their Own Way? No!

51: 49!

“Why don’t you get married?” 51: 49!

Why don’t you settle down and have lots of children? 51: 49!

Why don’t you let yourself fall in love with a woman? 51: 49!

The principle also applies well in business and other practical matters. You do not put yourself in a position where the House will eventually win. You want to put your life in matters where you will eventually win, on average.

51: 49!