Baby Bust Alters Politics

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It is common to hear the “Doomsday” and “End of the West” mantras on the Men’s Movement sites. “Society is set to collapse!” they say. And most of this is due to the falling birth rate.

But, lo and behold, the birth rate is an average of everyone. Behind the average, however, some people are having children while others are not and this difference alone is reshaping the political landscape.

The greatest transmission of values from one generation to another is through children. Feminists do not believe in children which is why they are on the path to elimination. I’ve said earlier that gays have no political future because of the very fact they cannot have children. No matter how great your art is, how brilliant your essays, how spectacular your career, without children you are the walking dead.

The history of the Church, over two thousand years, is full of schisms and heretical groups. Where are they now? Gone into the mist of time. There is a reason why the Church is extremely rigid on matters of sexuality (against abortion, against gays, even against contraception). It keeps a pro-fertility element precisely because of the ravages of Time. It is curious and a little funny to see some of the modern ideas in ancient times (there was a group of Christians who believed in abortion, created a schism, but this group bred to non-existence by 600 A.D.). So when you hear something about the Church (or other long standing institution, the Church didn’t become the oldest western institution by being stupid) being rigid on matters of sexuality, to them it is a matter of long term survival over short term political gain. From their viewpoint, it is better to lose all of England in a schism than to change what they believed was Christ’s definition of marriage.

Feminism is an excellent social weapon for Western Nations to hurl at its enemies. While the West will survive Feminism, will China? Will the Middle East? Nuclear bombs, in comparison, are too inefficient, they explode and that is it, while Feminism sticks around longer than radiation and infects all of society. Feminism sterilizes the women, assaults anything considered art to the society, and turns wimps of the men of the afflicted society. Sun Tzu would have been awed of Feminism’s awesome destroying force… all done without firing a shot or declaring war.

Do not listen to the doomsters! The reason why the West has survived so long is because it is strong, even successfully digesting feminism and currently expelling it from its stomach. The West’s enemies will not be so fortunate. China cannot survive feminism. Neither could a nation like Iran. If Feminism has had such an effect on the West, imagine what it would do to the West’s enemies.

And smile because the predicted doom and gloom is not to come.