Women hate Feminism only when it interferes with Feminine Aristocracy (Matriarchy)

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Here is a fun story of women wishing to be barefoot and pregnant. These women are very unhappy with Feminism and having to work.

“We can’t seriously expect that 1960s and 1970s social feminism (a concept not even 50 years old) is going to surpass what the female body is genetically, physiologically and psychologically programmed to do.” 

Even to this day, feminists do not accept the reality that men and women are biologically different. When it comes to their different brains, they believe that the brain differences are only reactions to social conditions. In other words, in a feminist utopia, men and female brains would look exactly the same if examined. Yes, they actually believe this.

Becca, a 29-year-old doctor, wants to “find that woman who burnt her bra, and beat her up.” 

Western women had it the best. They had the richest and sweetest men in the world. They had the best living conditions and best life available to women. Yet, they threw all that away for Feminism.

Feminism has revealed all of women’s manipulation techniques and has woken men up big time. Now men not only ignore feminists, they also are now immune to the old school of manipulation techniques. Feminism didn’t put the genie out of the bottle. Rather, the pain of Feminism has slowly revealed to men that women were the wishers and men were supposed to be the genies.

Men are putting their genie back into the bottle and going their own way.

She says she loves her job; she just hates that she has to have it.

The key word is ‘have.’ Remember, men have jobs, women have careers. Women are supposed to have options. As a male, you are not allowed to have options (even the discussion of options is verboten!). You have one destiny: to work as a wage slave forever until you die. If you jinx the system, you were to be shamed. But this shame and ostracizing is merely an annoyance and laugh compared to the pain of The Way.

Women LOVE work. They just hate HAVING to work. For men, hah, there is no option.

“I want to be a wife and a mom, that’s all I ever wanted to do,” she says. “I’m a girl. I want to be able to be a girl. I shouldn’t have to be a doctor.”

I shall translate her womanese:

In female language, to be a man is to work and to be a woman is to not work. She doesn’t mean girl in the true ‘nature’ sense (these same females would scream if you suggested a wife had responsibilities to her husband like put food in his stomach and keep his testicles dry). She means ‘girl’ is the aristocratic sense.

My friend Brianne, a brand-new attorney, jokes about her career plans with other female lawyers: “Work the corporate environment for three years max and get pregnant during the third year so we can leave.”

And this is why many employers are suspicious about hiring young women. It is an absolute waste of money for an employer to train you so you can just quit.

Of course, these women do not speak for all professional women out there. One woman, a big- time lawyer and involved mother of two, told me it was “scary” that women are dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars on school only to work for just a few years.

It is ‘scary’ only because it invalidates her choice to become that ‘big-time lawyer.’

Feminism is about power. A feminist wants the power of a man while keeping the power of a woman. In the country, we call this: “Having your cake and eating it too!” Each gender has its abilities and minuses. These women want access to the options both gender has without accepting the responsibilities either gender had. To these females, they don’t want to be a girl in order to live. They want to be a girl in order to receive the entitlements girls received (such as not working and letting others do things for them).

I will solve all their female problems with the gender with a single sentence: “Ladies, ask not what men can do for you, ask what you can do for men.” Chivalry only worked when you treated men like noble knights instead of worthless peasants. You can’t expect knights to save you when all the knights are, and can be nothing but, serfs in your Sexual Feudalism (where she owns all the property but you just work on it).