Believe the older men

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Guess what my first email was? It was a G-mail invite! You guys make me laugh (and yes I took the gmail invite 🙂 ).

In any case, I’ve been lurking other forums and listening to plight of older men in their 30s-60s.

On Sosuave, being shy or having problems dealing with girls is seen as the problem. But with these older men, being divorced, being manipulated (for decades), being screwed by the family courts, being shattered financially (and at their age they can never recover from), having their children separated from them, paying child support for eighteen years, and suffering more strange laws against them is the real problem. And if the separation doesn’t occur, it is living The Way, that pre-formulated life which they abandoned their passion and dreams for. If they are bored, they consider themselves lucky. THAT is a problem. Those Sosuave issues of ‘not getting the girl’ are like straws compared to these life wrecking icebergs dead ahead.

“That is easy for you to say, Mr. Pook!”

Believe the older gentlemen when they say, “Not getting the girl will not be the source of life’s misery.” I have yet to hear an old man say, “Gosh, I regret making mistakes with women.” Strangely, it is, “I wish I hadn’t married when I did” or “I wish I stuck to my passion in life and didn’t do what others wanted me to” or “I wished I invested earlier in my life instead of working for someone else.”