Jerry Doyle a Men’s Rights Activist?

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One of the great things about the Internet for reading is how far curiosity will take you. A simple search, a click on a link here and there, and as you hop from page to page, you uncover an odd trail whose information often surprises.

When I listened to a Babylon 5 episode commentary via Netflix, the scene where Sheridan (sp?) gives Delenn the engagement ring had Jerry Doyle (actor who plays Garibaldi) suddenly start mocking the entire thing going how the girl would wait a couple of years, get a divorce, and get all your money taken from you, etc. I filed that in the back of my head to do a quick bio search to see if the guy had been divorced and taken to the cleaners. Sure enough, he was. Who knew that the wife/ex-wife that did was the chick that played Talia Winters? When she left the show, they married, had a kid, and divorced a couple years later.

Even weirder is finding out Doyle was a jet pilot, ran for a Republican congress seat, lost, and began his own talk show. You are so used to seeing these actors as absolute airheads that it is odd to see them doing… something interesting. Apparently, Doyle agrees with this as he made the term “grapefruit mentality” which most women, I know, think: “LOL! Let us talk about celebrities all day! Oh, that Keanu Reeves! Tee hee!” Sure enough, there is a link on his website to the National Center for Men.

Support against the legal double standards for men may not seem broad on the surface but, apparently, runs deep. It would have been interesting if Doyle won the election. A TV camera fades onto Congress and you see Garibaldi there.