Thank This Man

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Thank this man and thank all other men like him. These men were ambushed and attacked by feminist soldiers and legal artillery. They have been divorced. They have had their children ripped from them by courts. They have seen the inner-core of the Matriarchy.

They have been through Hell. Here is a quote from his pages:

Like most of my age group, I grew up being told that, as a man, I needed to help in making the lot of women more equitable with my own. I grew up being told I had advantages in the workplace, socially, in just about every walk of life just because I am a man. Much of this seemed to make sense. There were fewer women than men in many workplaces, women were frustrated at being expected to look after the home while men worked at their careers. In college, I knew intelligent, resourceful women, it seemed entirely reasonable to me that they should be able to choose what they wanted to do with their lives, just as I had been convinced I could. 

I proudly counted myself as a feminist. Some of my female friends insisted that I had a male chauvinist streak, but I worked hard to suppress it insofar as I could identify it. In my naiveté, I felt certain that as I strived to treat women as equals, they would strive to treat me the same way. I grew up, went out into the world, got married and had a child. My wife didn’t have a career, as such, when I met her. She worked, yes, but not with any apparent long term aim. I didn’t think much about it at the time, I was in love, and nothing else mattered. Throughout our marriage, I tried hard to give her the things she wanted, including supporting her as best I could in various attempts at starting one career or another. I tried hard to share in housework, and particularly to share in the care and raising of our child, just as I had seen my own father do with me.

Then the marriage failed. It failed spectacularly. My very own Titanic, my personal World Trade Center, my Hiroshima.

The details don’t matter, but suffice it to say that she got custody and my life became hell. 

Now, you might ask, “Gee, Pook, why are you quoting this?” It is because I get emails from guys asking for lady advice and telling me how they are “miserable” because they don’t have a girlfriend or multiple girlfriends. This might be frustration but it is not true misery. We have no idea the Hell on Earth it is to have your wife backstab you, to financially destroy you, to take your children away from you, and to have the courts and society back it all up. I have thought that maybe I could imagine it, but no, there is no way to imagine such Hell. These men have passed through Ground Zero of the Matriarchy and have warned the rest of us of the ambushes and sneak attacks waiting ahead. Any one of us could have become like these men. This is why we must thank them. They have saved us from the legal hell a Matriarchy can impose.

I’m serious. When you find a man in the Men’s Movement, who got reamed through the Matriarchy divorce and court system, thank him. It is those men who are getting the word out on the horror. It is they who are saving you from a similar fate. They have walked before us and triggered the mine field ahead. We know now that the path is rigged.

Gather, gentlemen. Let us treat these men like soldiers. They have proved most royally: and, for their warnings and acts, let our future triumphs speak loudly for them. Young men, let us stand and salute!