Celebrity is the Opposite of Woman

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One has to be born only to become male. But to become a man, one must achieve. There is a clear difference between a man and a wimp. Women have the ability to recognize the difference even though it is hard to put into words. For many young men, you have had to discover that one has to strive to become a man or you sink into a swamp of wimpiness (what is wimpiness but male’s mimicry of women?).

There is no distinction with females today as there is with the wimp-man distinction. Yet, men can recognize a real woman over a bad one; it is just hard to put into words. What is the equivalent of ‘wimp’ to women? Many women adopt that masculine metric and turn it into a ‘weak-woman’ and ‘strong-woman’ difference (which the girl will proudly declare herself a ‘strong woman’). Women are not men and while masculinity might separate the man from the wimp, masculinity has no part with differentiating the good women from the bad.

Just as ‘wimp’ is the opposite of man, celebrity is the opposite of woman. The desire for celebrity is the fountainhead for all the bad traits of feminized women. Think about it:

-The local whore is so because she becomes a ‘celebrity’ with all the men and the center of female’s gossip.

-The woman who devotes her life to her career constantly tries to portray herself as some eighth wonder of the world. During work, she talks about herself and how hard everything is for her.

She thinks her ‘credentials’ turn her into a celebrity.

-Women who obsess what everyone else thinks about them. They give people such power over themselves that they would rather live as a celebrity in other people’s eyes than follow her own soul.

-Female friendship is paper thin because, again, mediocre women would rather have ‘fans’ than ‘friends.’ It is a celebrity that has ‘fans.’

-Mediocre women willingly allow others to tape themselves engaged in sexual Olympics, i.e. pornography. Why are they so willing to reveal themselves to the world so? It is because of huge desire for celebrity.

-A man who has any small amount of fame will suddenly notice women throwing themselves at him. Women see this fame as turning themselves into celebrities.

-Women can’t stand being ignored. She must have attention at all times.

-The modern relationship has defined the woman to be a ‘celebrity’ and the husband/man to become her biggest fan. Do fans criticize their celebrities? Of course not! Celebrities are above all known standards, rules, and criticisms.

-The mediocre woman views children as an additional means to become a celebrity. These mediocre women do not want to do things like clean after the kids or take care of them, only to have them (since it turns her into a ‘mother’ and the kids are additional fans).

-Mediocre women want their ‘men’ to look beautiful will lots of muscle, solid abs, and so on. Pretty men turn her into even more of a celebrity.

-Mediocre women will choose being single, married, or attached based on what gives them more celebrity at the time. These ‘picky’ women are not picky about the man but more so they are ambitious about their celebrity status.

-Mediocre women are attracted to professions that give them ‘celebrity’ status. These include dancing, acting, modeling, newscasting, and even writing.

-Hatred at “nerds.” Nerds, as you can witness in high school, are like an anti-celebrity: being seen with them makes you more UNpopular.

-Obsessed with “stars” and discussion of “stars.” Mediocre women are obsessed with celebrity worship since they, of course, desire to become celebrities themselves.

The desire to be a celebrity is not new in women. Centuries ago, women would want to be the ‘hit’ at the dance. However, it was always seen as a vice for women. Only with the twentieth century with its cameras and motion pictures has celebrity become a positive trait. Sure, there were celebrities before, but most of them were based on some sort of achievement. Washington was a celebrity for a reason as was Benjamin Franklin. There was little celebrity based on non- achievement.

Today celebrities work at being celebrities. They must be seen at night at a certain diner so they can be photographed “living the grand lifestyle.” Often, it is the celebrity who leaks the event to the tabloid press so they can come and ‘secretly’ photograph them. Celebrities are fake women in the same way that wimps are fake men.

Quality women do not live their life expecting to be a star. Quality women search for friends, not fans. Quality women aim to do what is right, not what will make them more popular. Quality women enjoy being a woman, mediocre women despise that they are a woman (just as wimps hate that they are male and desire to be female).

Knowing that celebrity is the opposite of women has helped me considerably in separating the wheat from the chaff. Females who strive for celebrity status are the ones that cause me headaches. Females who strive to be women are ones that cause me to love. Feminism was invented to give unwomanly females access to celebrity status. The main difference, I have noticed, between Anglosphere females and females in non-English speaking countries is that Anglosphere females all secretly desire to become celebrities which poisons their femininity.