Social Life is the Woman’s Life

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Oh, you evil men! How dare you not have The Social Life that women demand you to have!

There you sit, at the computer, playing video games, reading books, doing something that isn’t ‘social.’ (Of course, the computer is a social tool. Video games are often social. But this will be ignored.)

The idea is simple: you are to spend your free time out in public at ‘trendy’ areas. These include restaurants, coffee shops, and so on. You must spend your time “socializing,” i.e. talking about nothing. With this, you will be considered “normal.” If you read too much, spend too much time on the computer, then you will be considered a ‘nerd’ (OH NO, THEY MIGHT CALL YOU A NERD! YOU BETTER STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING RIGHT NOW OR THEY MIGHT LABEL YOU! RUN! FLEE!).

One thing I hate doing is wasting time. If I ‘socialize,’ it is either to have fun or to learn (as in discussion). Why socialize for the sake of socializing? Why talk when you have nothing to say?

The Social Life is truly the Woman’s Life. Women, being matter over mind (rather than mind over matter as men tend to be), must be seen. What good is their asset (their flesh) if they are not easily seen? They view all of this as a grand lifestyle.

If women want to treat themselves as a parade float and go down every arena to fit an “image,” then so be it. But the problem arises is that many women find this to be “normal” as in “The Way.” Everything else is “abnormal.”

This can easily be turned around. If women want to consider men who rarely socialize to be “dorks.” then I will consider women who rarely internalize to be “airheads.” The opposite of this lifestyle of image is the internal life. It is the strength of soul, the strength of intellect. It is a life just as if not more rich than the most expensive social life could ever afford.

When I speak to most women, I realize they have no internal life. Their entire life is a menagerie of images. You try to find out who the person is but there is no one there. “Where is your personality?” I demand of them. “What? Can’t you see it?” To them, the seen elements such as the clothes, where they go, how they say things, are their personality. The unseen elements such as their passion, their hobbies, their ‘soul,’ are not their personality. For them such things do not exist.

While I think traveling is good, women take it to an absurd level. Anyone knows you can visit a country and not truly learn anything from the experience. This is true if you never escape the usual ‘tourist trap.’ But I have noticed these lady jet-sitters to believe they are cultured by geographically moving their bodies from one location to another. I couldn’t believe anyone would follow something so absurd. It would be like someone declaring he understood theater because he walked into a theater. Or he understood science because he was once in a lab.

So when I encounter a woman who proclaims she is the most cultured person ever because of the locations her body has been, I begin to quote Shakespeare’s “Two Gentlemen of Verona” where Shakespeare mocks the Renaissance idea that going to all these locations, alone, makes you smarter and more cultured. Rather, Shakespeare said that the person alone in his room becomes the master of wit and culture. Now, you would think that my subtle argument would inflame their temper. But, instead, they ask, “Shakespeare wrote a play called, ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona?’ Wow! I never knew that!” …Cultured women indeed.