Does freedom of consent apply to men as well?

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In this story, it talks about single men using female donors to have children. This process is very expensive and is a legal mess (the practice is banned in some states). But apparently, these men see it as a better alternative than getting married.

In it, is a juicy reaction from a feminist:

According to Mary L. Shanley, a political-science professor at Vassar College and author of “Making Babies, Making Families,” single men becoming single parents thanks to surrogacy is “a mixed bag.” “On the one hand, if some single men wish to have children because they want hands-on responsibility for the care of their children, they want to be in the nurturing role and not just financial providers, then [this trend] is promising,” she said. “They’re redefining masculinity and male roles in society.

Oh, poor Humanity! To the feminist, there are no humans, no people that are her equals. It is only “society”, this chimerical unit that must be “progressed” and “evolved” according to feminist standards.

“But on the negative side, is that really why men are doing this? This needs to be meaningful; they shouldn’t just exploit women in the end┬áby buying women’s services, buying eggs, buying a surrogate, then a nanny.”

If a man has consent with a woman to do something, this is considered ‘exploitation’.

When it comes to artificial reproductive technology in general, Shanley said, “parents should be cognizant of their future kids’ desires, not just the iron-clad contract they signed.”

OK. Let us remove no-fault divorce and the insane child custody laws!

Feminists, in Rousseau like fashion, have pushed for a society of contracts. But if men use this to their advantage, it is ‘exploitation’! It appears that the truth of the matter is if men go outside of The Feminist Way, they are doing harm somehow… someway… even if it cannot be defined. In the same way, if a man doesn’t follow The Way, he is automatically declared to “hate women”.

Boy, these feminists are boring and predictable. I need to make a Feminist Bingo Card where, whenever a feminist complains, I can mark off a box.