Don’t fall for this fishy story

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There is a story going around that is Third of Male Fish in English Rivers Are Changing Their Sex.

Since I don’t live in England, I am not in the know-how of how everything works there. But Junk Science abounds in alarmist news stories. What isn’t mentioned is that, in Nature, such occurrences as male fish laying eggs or changing sex has occurred before. Correlation is not causation.

A major red flag to this story is how it compares fish to humanity. Are Humans little fish now? Making the jump from the fish to lower sperm counts in Human males is preposterous. There are many reasons why sperm counts are lower such as a more lenient lifestyle, men getting out of shape, tighter underwear, and so on. These are much more probable than mystical “chemicals” that are feminizing men.

If the Men’s Movement believed that EVIL chemicals were ‘seeping’ out of plastics and was in our water, our food, and our pillows(!), the Men’s Movement would become the equivalent of the John Birch Society of the 50s and be dead politically. The John Birch Society was a paranoid group who believed Communists were poisoning the water supply of America. John F. Kennedy made fun of them and rightly so. Going through life and ‘FEELING’ everything is going to poison you is silly. Never mind that the Western Nations have the safest and best food available, people want to believe they live in Poison Land. If our food and water are so bad, then why are we living longer and taller with each generation?

This story will give fuel to the moonbat myth many in the Men’s Movement believe in that plastics and “chemicals” are the cause of feminization of males. First of all, your entire body is made of chemicals. Just because something is a chemical, it does not make it ‘bad.’ Also, almost all food is unnatural. Humanity has been genetically engineering food not just recently but forever. There is no such thing as ‘wild rice.’ When the Europeans came to America, they were taught by the Indians (the Native Americans) of how to plant and raise corn. The Indians had been doing it forever, literally eternally as far as we know. There is no such thing as ‘natural’ corn. Despite this, people foolishly pay inflated prices for inferior products which are labeled ‘organic foods.’

Also, a big problem in believing in evil chemicals everywhere is that it turns you into a victim mindset. Why, you being a wimp or other guys being wimps isn’t because it was THEIR fault, it was because of these ‘chemicals’ that were ‘seeping’ from the plastic, from the water, from the food. This might make a fun fiction story, but it obviously isn’t reality. I think some of this belief is on misplaced history due to Romans’ lead pipes. Since people see themselves as Modern Romans, there obviously has to be the equivalent to lead pipes SOMEWHERE.

And, the worst of it is that men were feminized well before the birth control pill. The biggest noticeable feminization I see was the World War II generation. This might be because of the psychological effects of the war or something else. “What? You dare say the GREATEST generation was feminized!? I demand proof!” This was when the De Beers’ marketing trend of giving diamonds for engagement rings caught on.

Whether or not this news is scientifically accurate will be determined by scientific journals, not the mainstream press. But usually stories like this do not survive.

The idea that modern wastes are changing the fishies’ gender is questionable. The idea that the effects on these fish being applied to humans is borderline insane.