Feminist annoyed that ‘feminist’ has negative connotations

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This feminist writes that we all ought to embrace feminism and attack the feminist bashers (i.e. such people like me, the Pookius Maximus!).

So why has feminism always provoked such hostility? Unlike other radical movements, feminism is calling for something many women and men find difficult: a profound change in the power relations between sexes – not only in the public sphere, but also, much more trickily, in the private sphere. 

Feminists aim to transform not just who gets the top jobs in business, but also who gets the job of cleaning the toilet at home. Feminists want to change not just who walks the corridors of power, but also who feels safe walking home at night. Feminism is not just about allowing women to lead the same lives that men have for many years; it’s about changing the rules of the game, mapping out a possible future in which activities that do not directly contribute to further swelling the coffers of UK plc, such as caring for family and others, are valued much more highly. It’s about more than tinkering at the edges – and that feels threatening to a lot of people.

Oh, you insufferable suffragettes! You angry harpies! You who think you are so are so great! You who judge Nature to be so small! You who wish to change all of society! Why don’t you change yourselves? That task would be sufficient enough.