Feminist Compares Smartest Women to Stupidest Men

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An emailer sent me a link to this story.

The trend has occasioned some predictions of a coming matriarchy in which high-achieving women will rule over a nation of slacker guys. We’ve all seen the movie, an endless loop culminating most recently in You, Me and Dupree. That little girls’ T shirt slogan–GIRLS RULE, BOYS DROOL–is beginning to look less like a slur and more like an empirical observation.

 The article is about a female columnist saying that all men are slackers and remain so in the corporate world. Women are judged not on their smarts but on their ‘personality.’ The female columnist, whose hilarious biography can be found here (also thanks to the emailer), is angry in her magical hyper-reality of men all being lazy and putting the women down. Are there cases of this truth of men being idiots and women being smart? …There is some. But we paint the image we want.

This is what the critics of the Men’s Movement (usually women) do not realize. Their criticism is that the men just see how they want to see. What blows apart this woman’s article and the usual female criticism is the reality of the law. There are laws put in place that cater to women.

Affirmative Action, Maternity Leave, Sexual Harassment, are just some of the few. No matter what one’s attitude or outlook is, the law will crush you the same.

Consider this if you ever want to identify a stupid person (as if you need more parameters). Stupid people attempt to make themselves feel smart by comparing themselves to stupider people. This columnist is saying how smart she is and how other women she knows are too, but they are comparing themselves to, probably, the stupidest guys they could find. Everyone is considered a genius compared to the drunk.

Smart people will compare themselves to geniuses. They will then realize they are nothing and keep striving to become smarter. Contrast this to the stupid person who, after feeling smart by comparing themselves to someone stupider, remains stuck on stupid. So it is no surprise that the smart people get smarter while the stupid people get stupider. If you compete, go against the best. If you aim for the moon and miss at least you’ll be among the stars.

I’ll leave you this lovely family related heartwarming quote from her:

The one regret I have about my own abortions is that they cost money that might otherwise have been spent on something more pleasurable, like taking the kids to movies and theme parks.

 Awww isn’t that just SWEET? Excuse me while I go barf.