Feminists assault Forbes Magazine

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As predicted, the feminists went in all out force against Michael Noer and his EVIL article about not marrying a career woman. Yes, the link I posted above was correct. Apparently, this is what happened.

In the morning, women inside the Forbes building and outside were outraged that Forbes could run such an article. Forbes eventually pulls the article.

Then, the article returns but in a different format. Now, all the text is on one page (whereas before it was on nine pages) and has a ‘counter-argument’ by some woman. Feminists have gone berserk over this.

Here are a few ‘reactions’ to this article. Gentlemen, this is what you’re up against.

Here is the EVIL Forbes article.

The author did another excellent article comparing the economics of having a wife versus a whore (ha-ha).

Here are the feminists:

“This guy is an idiot” feminist.

After a landslide of directly implying that statistics about mental well-being and lifelong happiness correlate directly with marrying the stupid and jobless, Forbes barely sneaks in the caveat that “it’s important not to confuse correlation with causation.”

 This woman is stupid. He talks not confusing causation with correlation not with the data he presents but the usual “marriage creates all these magical benefits” data. It shows these women have problems with some basic reading comprehension. Or, rather, they don’t seem interested in comprehending it rather than vilifying it.

More Gawker: “This guy must hate marriage in general!”

After calling the person an idiot, she digs through everything he’s written to destroy him personally. …Typical.

This feminist tries to be absurd with Noer’s “thoughts” but fails.

I can’t believe these women think they are smart. Her list is rather pathetic. Michael Noer now has a wikipedia article! Hahahah.

Gawker keeps going crazy over the wonderful article.

Gee, where did the Forbes article by Michael Noer — the asswipe who advises against marrying a woman who has goals that extend beyond wiping up baby poop — go? Suddenly it’s not online! (Ironically enough, we hear that Noer himself is currently away at a wedding, of all things.) Perhaps one of Noer’s female bosses realized it’d be best not to publish work by a reactionary douchebag. Who, we might add, is NOT that attractive. Yep, we’re going low. Mwa.

Let us salute the man who has razzled the feminists so much and literally put his career on the line:

Unpussified Male Award goes to Michael Noer…