Media got it right in 1986: Newsweek predicted the ‘Marriage Crunch’

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Here is a fantastic article Newsweek did on the ‘marriage crunch’ way back in 1986. The article is full of great quotes and really reveals how some women think (such as one woman deciding to buy a house instead of getting a husband to do it. So that is the purpose of husband, to give them into a house?). It also shows many women’s panic over this article back then.

One quote I love (paraphrasing) is that the older single men are ‘bottom of the barrel’ while the older single women are the ‘cream of the crop.’ I would say it is the other way around. The older men get, the easier it is for them to marry.

Twenty years later, Newsweek had to ‘apologize’ for the article. It was apparently ‘disproven’ since ten of the women mentioned in the story eventually married (but probably not who they really wanted). Remember, even feminists who swore off marriage end up getting married eventually.

It was like Moses came down the mountain and said, “Boo on you women.”

MRA statistical guys could find another fun statistical line similar to the “If you are a single woman at forty, you have more of a chance by being killed by a terrorist than marrying.”