No Compromise in Religious War

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While I’m not sure what Daily Show’s intention of the below clip is, it has swerved into a huge truth. The conflicts of the Middle East and, perhaps, the World are political or financial. They are religious.

There are diplomats who say one must compromise with Islam. This would be a funny thing to observe at the table. I suppose it would go like this:

Terrorist for Radical Islam: “My position is that all you heathens are dead! You! Dead!” Diplomats: “Surely we can have some sort of compromise.”

Terrorist for Radical Islam: “No! You! Dead!”

Diplomats: “How about we give you an arm? Maybe a leg?”

Terrorists: “No! You all dead!”

Diplomats: “How about giving you some of our citizens? Will that satisfy you?”

Terrorists: “No! All of you going to die!”

You cannot compromise in a religious war. World War II was not a religious conflict; it was political. In fact, I don’t think the West has been in a religious war since the victory of Don Juan at the end of the crusades (yes, that Don Juan!).

What is funny is what is agreed on. This is what is uniting many of the radicals out there.