Teacher’s Gender Affects Learning

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Dee found that having a female teacher instead of a male teacher raised the achievement of girls and lowered that of boys in science, social studies and English.

Looked at the other way, when a man led the class, boys did better and girls did worse.

The study found switching up teachers actually could narrow achievement gaps between boys and girls, but one gender would gain at the expense of the other.

Dee also contends that gender influences attitudes.

For example, with a female teacher, boys were more likely to be seen as disruptive. Girls were less likely to be considered inattentive or disorderly.

In a class taught by a man, girls were more likely to say the subject was not useful for their future. They were less likely to look forward to the class or to ask questions.

 Check out the full article here.

There is one other crucial difference I have noticed with female teachers. Female teachers and professors are interested only in enthroning themselves to belittle poor students. To female teachers, education becomes a sense of power.

“We do not believe you, Monsieur Pook.”

What! Very well, in your university you can try this example. Bring up certain facts and you can debate and discuss a subject quite easily with a male professor. But a female professor never thinks such an idea can be ‘debated.’ To her, the end result is not the knowledge but that she is the one enthroned (and YOU are not).

I have thought about being a teacher. But, alas, I did not want to be poor. If I taught, I would just teach Shakespeare. He never gets old. And the students’ responses reveal more about Shakespeare to the teacher than vice versa (or else there never would have been a Goddard).

If anything has become feminized, it is teaching. I would throw things across the room, light desks on fire, that sort of thing. I mean, sheesh, you can’t even yell at a student. Students need to be yelled at! But nevertheless….

I love learning…but I’ve noticed all the teachers I’ve enjoyed were male. All the teachers I’ve had problems with were female. I was the ‘disruptive’ one in the classroom, the guy who would bring Isaac Newton’s Principia to class and want to discuss that. I hated the text book with all its stupid picture and worthless ‘side information.’

Oh, if you want an easy way to get through English classes, or rather, if you find yourselves in the middle of an essay test and do not know the answer, just start quoting Hamlet. It doesn’t matter what the question is about or the author, just start quoting Hamlet and start talking about Hamlet instead. The professor will go, “OMG, this guy is quoting Hamlet! He is smart! He is sublime! Such brilliant commentary! Such linking the subject matter to the epic play!” and give you good grades.