Pook Grows Wings; Co-Workers Stunned

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I have been an advocate of Anthony Ellis’s program for quite some time. Until I started a new job, I actually was out of the loop for going to the gym in all (as a door to door salesman, it is too difficult to keep up). However, at the new job I could get back into the program. I declared to the co-workers that I, the caterpillar, will be growing wings. They said I was too skinny. “But it is good to be skinny!” said one fat hag. Having been through the program several times, my muscle fibers were dormant but waiting. Muscle memory was all still in place even after a couple of years.

In three months, I gained 35 pounds of muscle mass. Yes, it is possible.

Now, you might ask, “Why gain muscle, Pook?” For the testosterone, silly! I noticed that I began sleeping better, I was generally happier, and I was eating better. The downside is that my sex drive goes up which often concludes with a woman (unfortunately).

Women are persuaded by male’s bodies as much as men are by female bodies. I know the girls don’t care about me. They don’t want to know who I am. They don’t care about my dreams. All they care about is that think my body is *hot* and I get flooded with the “You need a girlfriend immediately!” line (with the girl saying that often volunteering). I respond back with how worthless American women are and the reactions are priceless. Some women become hostile, others become reflective. Either way, it is much better than simply saying, “Oh shucks, I am just waiting for the right lady!” or something as retarded. It amazes me how these women assume I will go for them. They are that arrogant. What I mean is that if a guy sees a girl they think is *hot*, they do not assume she is automatically his. He tends to think she already has a boyfriend or husband. Or he also thinks he has to work to get her. Even players know they have to do something in order to get the girl. But with women, no, they feel entitled to the guy.

There is no better rebuke to women than to be hot and say no to them. They cannot take it!

Anyway, I will tell you how I gained mass so fast. Outside of Anthony’s program, I throw in swimming during Chest day (Anthony disapproves but I do it anyway. I have an urge to swim for some reason. Swimming is good for the chest and shoulder muscles anyway. Besides, swimmers end up with hot bodies anyway).

I use NO supplements except for Twin Lab Ultra Fuel that is used immediately after the workout. No creatine. No stupid shakes. I use REAL FOOD for every meal with FRESH MEAT. I do not eat Whey bars or processed meat. All my meals are cooked (a week in advance). I have 8 hours of sleep as well. I do not divide my meals in cute little Tupperware. I have the food and I eat as much as it as I can for every meal.

In the gym, I look funny because I struggle with weights (because I use HEAVY weights to me). I have had idiots come up to me to give me “tips.” I ignore them and keep doing what I’m doing which stuns the meathead. But now I am bigger than the meathead.

There is a good way to identify whether or not women *like* you. If women are trying to set you up with one of their friends, they think you are below them but they are trying to help out a friend. Imagine a kid being given a cookie he doesn’t like. But a cookie is a cookie so she gives it to someone who might like that type. However, when women really *like* a guy, she will volunteer herself. She will not try to set the guy up with a friend because she wants him for herself!

What always amazed me were not women’s changing reactions to my body, but men. For someone reason, the big muscular guy gets respect. Behind my back, they make jokes. But I suspect that is only because they notice the reactions of the women.

Anyway, every guy should try to gain muscle mass at least once in life. You will probably like it so much that you want to continue it for life. You don’t gain mass for women or for anyone else. You do it for yourself and in how you feel. Seriously, all I do is go to the gym for an hour and half three times a week, eat six times a day, and get 8 hours rest. It is not hard to do. The challenge is to be consistent. If you are consistent, you will see how it is like a machine where the iron is reforging your body. You will look into the mirror and see an underwear ad staring back at you.