Sosuaver asks, “How else to boost testosterone?”

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Within an email, was this question,

Right now I’m in the process of finding ways to increase my testosterone (because a man without any testosterone is not a man at all). It’s too bad that testosterone has such a bad rap, the only time you seem to hear about it in the news is in the context of steroids or prisoners or cavemen, and back in the nerd days I would avoid ‘testosterone poisoning’ like the plague. The last thing I wanted to be was one of those dirty, muscular types who were constantly playing sports and sweating all the time. But these were the guys that the girls would go for, and why not? The most feminine girls go for the most masculine guys, and you also mentioned in some of your posts about women being able to detect high testosterone like some sort of sixth sense. All these guys on sosuave talk about confidence and the importance of good posture and talking with a deep voice with a touch of sexuality in it, but I’ve found that testosterone has given me all that and more. So I’m wondering . . . what things did you do during your transformation to increase your testosterone levels?

I boosted my testosterone primarily through body building. As a naturally skinny guy, my body has a fast metabolism. One of the side effects of ordering the program off was the huge emphasis on testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone in your body that makes your muscles grow. And it is also the hormone that defines you as male. (The emailer knows the following but I’m recapping for the blog viewers). Maleness and femaleness don’t result easily in a nice black and white fashion. There is a type of shade. It is testosterone that creates the male in the womb and during puberty, the ‘male growing up effects’ is all caused by the flooding of testosterone in the system. Women are attracted to men, not girly-men. Real men have testosterone. Women are attracted to jerks because ‘jerks’ are highly testosteronized men. For those of you who want to be good guys and not be an evil jerk, this is still the way.

Testosteronize yourself and watch how women will react to you differently. Hell, your life will change just having that testosterone surging through your veins.

“Not uh, Mr. Pook! I am an intellectual! My mind is above everything of the body!” Yet, there was never a philosopher who could endure the toothache patiently. We get cranky when we’re hungry; we get angry when we are sleepy and tired. Without a doubt, the biggest influence on your day to day is your own body. So treat that body well.

To answer the question: keep in mind that you’re doing the three “pillars” that build testosterone (these are also the three things in Anthony Ellis’s work out guide). First, get enough sleep. You won’t believe how many nerds and dorks I see who don’t get the sleep. Your body just won’t function correctly unless you get a solid 8 hours a night, especially for any muscle growth. If you’re having problems getting sleep, fix that pronto. Second, eat the correct things and in enough quantity. In Ellis’s workout, I go through six meals a day with most of it protein. Remove most of the garbage from your diet. This includes fast foods and most sugar. I tend to like my sweets too much so I still unfortunately keep eating cookies. It is the drinks that you can fix the most garbage. I’ve found Splenda to be an excellent work-around to this (and Splenda has caught on with the drink makers big time. I used to be stuck with that nasty diet rite.) This may not be popular to say, but alcohol and chain smoking tends to reduce testosterone. They don’t call it a beer belly for nothing. Third, make sure you are doing something physical that stresses the body to produce testosterone. For me, it is free weights activating my Type II fibers.

While my currents interests aren’t in testosterone, I’d like to study it some more in the near future. There is a link to genius and testosterone. But there is also a link to very successful men and testosterone. There are certain professions and activities that are ‘high testosterone’ meaning the people who engage in them have unusually high amounts of testosterone. (I do not know yet whether they did these activities due to high testosterone or by doing these activities their testosterone increases). Salesmen tend to have higher testosterone than average. Anything with sports obviously does (women’s attraction to sports men goes beyond the image). Actors also have high testosterone. (This is my pick as I tend to be attracted to the theater.) Rock stars have high testosterone as do probably most performing musicians. Businessmen also will probably have high testosterone. I’ll try to look into this some more.

But I would follow those three pillars: sleep, eat, and work-out. There may be a fourth pillar of ‘being in public’ as every profession that seems to involve doing things in public have high testosterone levels. If you want to focus on growing more testosterone, try growing your muscles more. I went from 140 pounds to 210 pounds. There really is not that much of a biological limit. If you do hit it, you’ll be working so hard to maintain that ‘plateau’ you would be asking, “How can I LOWER my testosterone!?”

Testosterone is ambrosia to men. Eat it and become demi-gods on Earth.