The Reason Feminism Was Successful

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I reject all these ideas. I think the reason why Feminism was successful was not that it used force to assure uniformity. Rather, feminism removed the awareness of other possibilities. It makes it seem inconceivable that other ways are viable (hence, we are stuck with one way which is The Way). Feminism removes the sense that there is an outside.

But there is an outside. And there are options out there. This is what I want young men to know. You don’t have to marry. You don’t even need a mate from your native country as the entire globe is open to you (why should 5% of the richest population be confined to the least feminine women?). You can be single. You can do the speed seduction thing. You can do the family thing. I’m not trying to say this is right and that is not. I am trying to say that there is more to life than The Way. By opening up your options, you dodge the Matriarchy. Let all the young men know of their options. This is what Feminism fears.

This is why feminists altered the Violence Against Women’s Act (VAWA) in the US to include substantial bans and filtering on foreign brides. Feminism doesn’t want an open system. They don’t want you to have options. 

Closed systems, as found under third party dictatorships, are referred to as fear societies (instead of freedom societies). Feminism is interested not in freedom for women but fear in men. When you stop being fearful and start embracing your options in freedom, you defeat Feminism.