Why do Feminists hate the Bible?

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It is only in the recent century that the Bible has been seen as a primary religious tool. It is well known that Feminists do not like the Bible. I used to think they did not like the Patriarchy celebrated in it. This is only a small part of it.

Feminists love religion…when it worships them. No, the reason for the hatred is not what we expected. Feminists hate the Bible because it is a masterpiece. Forget the religious elements¬†of it for a moment. The Bible, is a huge part of the Humanities, and is actually very much linked to the Mill. What better essay of Mankind is there than Ecclesiastes? How many better plays is there than the Book of Job? The writing of the Bible is one of the finest writing of the¬†world.

This is true whether one is a religious follower or atheist. Practically all the literature of Western Civilization springs in part, from the Bible.

With this single book, a person can be complete. They are satisfied spiritually, intellectually, and artistically. They will have no need for the theater, for the Modern Art Museums, for modern politicians and modern victims. Forget the religious aspects for a moment. How many books could ever compare, artistically or as wise, as the Bible? Could an entire half century of Feminist literature match a book? No. And they know it.

Feminists despise the Mahabharata, the teachings of Buddhism, the Dalai Lama’s teachings, and most other traditional teachings. It is not so much to do because they are ‘religious’ but because they are so rich with the Humanities. They are all masterpieces.

If you notice, Feminism has no problem with religious documents that are not masterpieces. Although I’m sure I might offend someone by saying this, the Koran does not come off as a masterpiece. Strangely, Feminism has no problem with the Koran. The Bible? Definitely. The Ramayana? Absolutely.

This selective indictment tells me that it is not religion itself that Feminism fears, but the real ‘humanities’ (which many of these religious works, such as the Bible, contain). No wonder they fear the masterpieces and personally destroy the artists (EVIL rich/white dead guy). If they cannot destroy the artist, since the art is undeniable, they will attempt to make that artist gay (as they attempt to do with Shakespeare, the Greeks, etc). After all, what is Feminism but a ‘false’ humanity?