The Third Great Change to Mankind

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History can forever be debated. But there are a few things that occurred which are beyond all debate. Three great changes have altered Mankind.

The first change is said to be the discovery of Agriculture. The planting of crops allowed cities to occur. And with cities, it allowed the arts, the sciences, the law, and everything else. You had the domestication of animals during this time. Agriculture could be said to be the birth point of civilization. Alas, it is so ancient that we have little idea of how human life was before it.

The second Great Change was the Industrial Revolution. The population boom did not just ‘happen.’ It happened because, all of a sudden, the wealth of Mankind just skyrocketed. There was plenty of food to go around. Instead of dying in the fields, kids could work in the factories.

Marriage and family also changed radically with it. So much wealth was generated that children no longer would have to work. Married women soon followed this trend. The weekend became possible due to all this increased wealth building up. Production was no longer at the home but in factories and businesses. The home became a place of consumption instead. Advertisers and businesses pounced on the housewife and created the image of the home as consumption living. With the fall of traditional woman’s work being swallowed up by the Industrial Revolution among other things, many women embraced Feminism and feminist tendencies. This change is at the tail end of its cycle.

The third Great Change is the Digital Revolution. This change is occurring now. The icy contexts that the Industrial Revolution built up are beginning to crack, thaw, and snap wide open. For example, the Industrial Revolution mindset is that you go to school, get educated, and then get a job (working for someone else). The Digital Revolution mindset is that you create your own business and work for yourself or, at least, for your own best interests. A great dividing line is falling within the current living generations, especially the young. Those who are embracing the Digital Revolution will be ahead. Those who are clinging to the Industrial Age beliefs will fall further behind.

Unlike most in the Men’s Movement, I don’t believe society will jump up and dive down the abyss in “DOOMSDAY.” I believe the changes that are occurring are being sparked by this third Great Change. Let me ask you, “Where would you be today without the Internet? No Sosuave. No ASF. No Men’s Movement sites.” You would probably be stuck in The Way. The Way is the Industrial Age. Men Going Their Own Way is really men embracing the Digital Revolution.

Demographers and social scientists clutch the report papers and with frenzied claim demand, “What is going on here?” Oh, you little scientists and academic worms. Ten years ago, with the rise of the Internet and computers, you talked about a great change occurring in society. You talked about the Digital Revolution as if you understood it. But now I find you did not understand it. To you, the Digital Revolution is a microchip or broadband. But the Digital Revolution is social more than technological. People are abandoning television and newspapers for the Internet and computers. People are beginning small businesses and turning the home into¬†a productive unit again. People now think in a more global fashion. While this may mean employers will outsource for employees, it also means men can outsource for their wives. The Way is no more.

The revolution was not in the computers, not in the chips, modems, or servers. The true Digital Revolution was in the new contexts which are freeing men from the Industrial Age. And the harder the Industrial Age cronies fight against the sea change, the more people will see them as they truly are.