The Ultimate Weapon to Level Civilization

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From a tactics point of view, America’s entry into Iraq has allowed America to have access to the Middle Eastern stage. Before, this wasn’t possible. The U.S. had to ask permission of Saudi Arabia to stay there or another country. Now, it doesn’t have to and, make no mistake, this is grating on China and Russia and took them off guard.

Many of the Middle Eastern countries (such as Egypt) are scared of Iran as Iranians are Persians, not Arab. Hezbollah is being funded by Iran. It appears they were testing how far they could go with Israel (as Israel has made many concessions in these later years) and seems surprised that Israel has bitten back.

Keep a close eye on China and Russia. Both countries are ancient enemies yet have a very close alliance. Iraq (under Saddam) was heavily funded by Russia. North Korea is obviously heavily influenced by China. The idea is that the Chinese/Russian Alliance is playing a game of foreign policy chess. They, themselves, wouldn’t act openly as it would be too obvious. But by using satellites or even pitting terrorists and/or dictators against the Western Nations, they are using nations like North Korea, Iran, and Iraq to thwart Western Nations’ policy. If you notice, the UK is staying very close to America (it is America’s #1 ally). Japan is screaming, “WE WANT MISSILE DEFENSE SHIELD NOW!!!” after North Korean missiles went into the Sea of Japan (which may have been shot down). Japan is a wealthy nation and is way too close for comfort to North Korea and China. Naturally, Japan is America’s second closest ally.

It’s well known that China has speedily been building up its military. However, Russia is beginning to build up its military. Now, why in the world does Russia and China need such a military? This question should answer itself.

The Doom and Gloomers are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. “We are doomed!” they say. I see the reverse. You either confront the problem and solve it or it festers. Much of the current conflicts are because the problem is being confronted rather than “contained.”

My solution is for the West to unleash the most powerful weapon ever known to Man unto its enemies. This Ultimate Weapon is Feminism. There are bombs and biological weapons, but Feminism is a sociological weapon (as powerful as the Black Plague if demographic predictions hold true in Europe). Feminism would become lethal in a country such as China with there being so few females per male. The West will survive Feminism. But other nations will crumble.

Nuclear weapons were used to end World War II. Feminism could be used to end World War IV. Nations will fall onto their knees and say, “I beg you! No more! Stop the feminism! Anything but that! Anything but that!!!”

Too bad there is no antidote yet.